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Wednesday, January 2nd 2013, 6:10pm

very squeemish OH..... worried about birth!

Well getting increasingly worried about how oh is going to deal with the whole birth situation!He has never hidden the fact that he is VERY sqeamish, has some kind of phobia with anything to do with pain or blood and cant even discuss periods, women doing number 2's or passing wind or anything like that! We are currently watching old one born every minute and he is looking away every 5 mins... when the midwife said she was going to attempt to break the ladies waters he nearly walked out the room....I so want him there but I am so so worried he is going to faint or something.... he is scared beyond belief.. which in turn scares the hell out of me even more!!!Anyones oh like this and end up being ok at the birth?He even went all funny when i told him my boob had started leaking yesterday... what hope is there eh.??!! Is it just my man who is like this or is this quite common? I am scared that if I pooh in labour we will never be intimate again!!


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Wednesday, January 2nd 2013, 9:35pm

You poor thing! Would it be best to have someone else on standby in case he can't handle it? He could be there for most of it but wait outside if something freaks him out too much and if you have someone else there as well you still get the support you need.

My Dh isn't the squeamish sort at all so I'm fortunate that he was able to be there through both labours and births and was even at the business end when our DD2 was born (I thought that would put him off me for life but 3 weeks later we were at it again ; ) ). I was also worried I'd poo, I didn't either time and when I asked I was told they'd take it away asap so no one would notice anyway. By the sounds of it your OH isn't going to be getting that close so that is unlikely to a problem for you.

How long have you got left?



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Thursday, January 3rd 2013, 8:28am

My DH is quite squeamish but he surprised me how well he coped when I was in labour! I think the excitement and adrenaline takes over. Unfortunately I did poo lots in my first labour but the midwife very discreetly took it away! As for OBEM, I would say that some of these births are so dramatic that it could cause him more worry as for many people have much more straight forward deliveries with much less intervention from a midwife.
And even though I did poo, we were intimate again within a few weeks!

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Thursday, January 3rd 2013, 10:40am

Thanks ladies.. I am 23 wks on Monday so a little while yet.

Mum and sis will be on stand by so the pressure wont all be on him!

With regards to the pooh, when I was with sister at the birth of her son it was my mum who cleared it up, there was no mistaking it either as it smelt so bad!midwife was hardly even in the room apart from the actual delivery bit as she was in with someone else who needed urgent care.

I spoke to mum last night and she said he can stay well up top end.

There is even a chance I will have to have a c sec anyway due to fibroids and position of placenta if it doesnt shift.


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Saturday, January 5th 2013, 8:10pm

I didn't want to read and run! I don't have a squeamish husband, but I wonder if you could talk to your midwife about this and see if there is anyway that she can help with preparing your husband, even with just a look around the maternity ward and talking through what might happen to prepare him a little. My uncle was extremely squeamish, but he made the birth of both his girls, so fingers crossed your OH is the same.

Regarding pooing during labour. As soon as I went into hospital and my waters had broken they asked if I wanted something to clear me out. This involved me squirting a watery substance up my bum and promptly emptying myself not very long after! I didn't deliver in the UK, but you could always ask about this - it really reassured me as I knew that I wouldn't poo as there was nothing to poo!

Good luck! xxx

  • "itsalittlepinky" started this thread

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Sunday, January 6th 2013, 10:23am

Thanks Grace. Ive spoken to lots of women now whose oh are just like mine and they said that when it came down to it it was fine and they were fab. Im going to enquire about the anti natal classes also.

With regards to the pooh situation 8| I doubt my local hospital would oblige! Worth a try though i suppose?



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Tuesday, March 5th 2013, 10:12am

My DH is very squeamish too, to the point where he refuses to watch anything involving surgery on tv and he nearly passed out at the sight of me having blood taken during my first pregnancy. He subsequently managed to be hugely supportive during 2 labours, a section and a vaginal delivery, even cutting the cord second time around. One thing I think you need to bear in mind is that watching OBEM is NOTHING like being there to witness your own child being born. Do not underestimate the emotional aspect of childbirth, it's huge. The drama, excitement, teensy bit of fear and overwhelmingly, the love, that goes into the delivery of your own baby is far more important than the messy bits. He will probably surprise you both and cope much better than you expect. Why not have him and your mum or sister there as you planned but allow him to be able to pop in and out of the room as he feels able? That way no one will worry that you are left on your own, he can support you when he feels able to and he wont miss the opportunity to be there if he is up for it on the day.