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  • "jambogirl" started this thread

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Friday, March 23rd 2012, 6:25pm

Bit of bleeding

Well after my fantastic day of seeing baby and heartbeat yesterday i was half was through my shift when i went to loo. I wiped and noticed a bit of red, had a wee poke up there and i had watery blood on my finger. I ran outside and called clinic who said if it gets really red and like a period to call them tommorrow. I called dh and he picked me up from work ive had my feet up all afternoon and had another wee poke around and nothing else thre. Im expecting the worst over night. why has this happened/ I saw the baby at 6 weeks Which was yesterday and it had a good heartbeat, what can go wrong within one day? I keep thinking cos ive had my feet up all day the blood not came out but scared to get up and walk about incase it starts it again.

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Friday, March 23rd 2012, 6:36pm

Awww honey don't worry (I know easy said!!!) I had bright red bleed two times and brown discharge after, brown is still on and off. And the baby seems alright. It happens in early pregnancy, it can happen after sex or just Bcs you had invaginal scan or old blood. So please don't worry and of course if it gets worse or really bright red again then contact your clinic. I will have everything crossed for your LO.

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Friday, March 23rd 2012, 6:38pm

Hi Jambo, so sorry you are having this worry hon. I so hope that it stays away. Just wanted to say that there were quite a few girls from the JJs that had some bleeding early on and all is absolutely fine with them and their babies. Rest up over the weekend, are you able to have a scan next weekend for reassurance? xxx

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Friday, March 23rd 2012, 6:39pm

Hi Jambo

Sorry to hear that you have had some bleeding. I hope that it has stopped. You can still have some bleeding even if everything is okay with the baby, so I will keep everything crossed that everything will settle down and your bleeding doesn't get worse.

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  • "jambogirl" started this thread

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Friday, March 23rd 2012, 6:47pm

Thanks for the thoughts everyone. I had a wee feel up there just now and it was only white discharge there but could it be because ive been sat down all day? DH and me had a bit agrument there he is soooo nervous about this pregnancy cos we have always had it end so bad. Feel like i let him down like he is saying told you this would happen. Ive been sleeping terribly last few weeks and jumping about in bed so dh says and he thinks this could all have to do with the bleeding, god feel terrible

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Friday, March 23rd 2012, 7:09pm

I suffered a slight bleed during my pregnancy too and the babies were fine. I would suggest, however, to stop poking around....!
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Friday, March 23rd 2012, 7:31pm

If the bleeding doesn't clear or gets any worse with pain, get in touch with your clinic or Dr. It is better to be on the safe side. Did you have a vaginal scan the day before the bleed? It may be that, that has disrupted something and caused you to bleed a little. I am sure everything will be just fine and you are doing the right thing by taking it easy. xxx



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Friday, March 23rd 2012, 8:02pm

Bleeding in pregnancy could be many things so please try not to think the worst. It could be that your cervix is a bit sensitive due to all the hormones and your scan may have made it bleed slightly. Are you having any pain? I would also say stop poking around up there and I dont think jumping about in bed would have done any harm, baby will be well protected in there. It might be that you'll never know what caused your bleed, I bled for two weeks and my lo is doing fine and I never found out the cause. Ooh almost forgot are you using pesseries, they can make everything up there super sensitive xxx
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