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  • "devchick" started this thread

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Tuesday, December 20th 2011, 9:48pm

Prams - Help!


I was wondering if someone could help. I am finding looking at prams a complete mystery! Too much choice!!!

I know we want a pram system that will also fit a car seat. The car seat needs to be isofix (or do they all do at with the right base?). 

To add to the pressure I have just found out Mothercare are having a big sale and I feel like I need to make a quick (but right!) decision. 

Has anyone got the "perfect" pram????
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Tuesday, December 20th 2011, 9:56pm

Me me me!

I have a mamas and papas Luna. I had it with a prima viaggio (sp?) car seat. My LO is almost 2 and I still use the pushchair. The car seat just clips into the pushchair and then when they're older you put the in the pushchair.

I love it. A friend has one and she's used it for both her children.

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  • "devchick" started this thread

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Tuesday, December 20th 2011, 10:01pm

Pooh thanks for the quick answer flic. Will check it out.
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06/12 - :girl:

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Tuesday, December 20th 2011, 10:14pm

It is really hard, Devchick - I sympathise!

I didn't get the right pushchair, though I stuck with it. I would say the right one for you very much depends on how you're going to use it so don't just get one someone else recommends - or, at least, not unless you're sure they had the same criteria as you.

You really need to think about how you will use it. We knew we would use it a lot, but mainly in our town, on pavements, so we didn't bother with pneumatic tyres etc as these seemed to be more for country walks. However, we then discovered that our pavements aren't in a great state so actually pneumatic tyres would have made my life a lot easier. Also, when it snowed I couldn't get out of the house at all with it. Walking in the snow would have been hard with tyres, but manageable. We also thought we needed it to fit into the car easily. It did fit, but was still pretty big, and we didn't actually use it from the car very often (I either walked from the house, or we went places in the car.)

So you do need to think long and hard about what you really need, and don't be swayed by all the mod-cons because they aren't necessarily what you need (though they might be!).



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Tuesday, December 20th 2011, 10:17pm

PS: They are horrendously expensive, but I have to say the Bugaboo Chameleon would be my choice with hindsight. My friends who have them haven't had to buy other pushchairs, whereas I did (a lightweight stroller, that took up a lot less room in the car, when LO was 9 months old and we went on holiday for the 1st time) and other friends have bought two or even more in the hunt for the perfect pushchair! I see them around about in our town with toddlers in them so they really do seem to last for the duration.

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Wednesday, December 21st 2011, 8:14am

I am trying to find the perfect pram too (didnt make a brill choice with DD). I LOVE quinny and was happy to find out they're releasing a new model in Jan called the quinny Moodd. Looks lovely - esp the ones with the white frames. I've not seen the pram but there are lots of videos on youtube. Other than that I havent anymore recommendations...i got a my3 with DD and I found it really bulky. I changed to a petite star zia buggy when she was 4 months old which is still going now (she is 2 and a half). good luck! x
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Wednesday, December 21st 2011, 8:25am

Hi I have bought the Bugaboo Chameleon too, not used it yet as baby not due for another few days!! (Boxing day) but have been playing with it making sure I can set it up, fold it up, take it down, take carrycot off easily and add the car seat and it seems great. We also bought the Family isofix base, which we have fitted in the car and is so easy to use. The pram is a little expensive but I believe you get what you pay for and hope not to have to replace it, plus comes with a 3 year guarentee! Good luck :) x

Ps Mothercare do a Baby payment plan they will allow you to order at any discounted price and pay off over weeks / months at no extra cost if that helps :) x
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Wednesday, December 21st 2011, 8:45am


I've got an iCandy Cherry that works well with the Maxicosi Cabriofix, although you have to spend a fortune on the plastic adaptors!! It's a great pushchair, has a decent sized basket and is easy to fold up and down. I am not intending to buy another one and hope Freya can use it until she grows out of it.

Maxicosi do a belted base for the Cabriofix as well as an Isofix one so you can buy the one that suits your car best - our car didn't have Isofix so the belted one worked perfectly for us.

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Wednesday, December 21st 2011, 8:47am

Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it. Good luck Hope!!! Not long to go.

Will let you know what I decide but reckon it will be a couple of weeks before we make it to the shops do any more opinions feel free to let me know. Thanks!!!
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Wednesday, December 21st 2011, 8:49am

I have to say that what someone further up said is true. Everyone will tell you that a different pram is wonderful, but it really depends what you need it for and what you like. I would recommend that you go to a shop and take the prams apart. I wanted the Quinny Speedy until I went to the shop and realised that it was put together with velcro, which I really didn't want to be bothered with!!

On a personal level I am delighted with our pram. I got the Quinny Buzz 3. I looked at The Mountain Buggy which a friend had, but I found it too big and also a bit of a faff. The Buzz comes in different parts, is really easy to put up and take down and our little one is so comfortable. Fits well in the boot and is a really nice pram to push. I go on lots of walks - on and off the track and its fabulous on all terrain. I would recommend buying the bigger wheel for the front though if you get it - we did and its been great. I think its an extra £40, but has been invaluable. We got it at a great price from Prams | Pushchairs | Car Seats | Baby Equipment at Winstanleys Pramworld

When you buy a car seat - buy the pebble and buy the family base. No-one tells you this, but the pebble car seat and the next size up car seat that you need when baby gets bigger both fit the family base, so it saves a lot of money. If you go for the other car seat - you will have to buy two bases. We did that, but didn't realise. Hope that helps xxx



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Wednesday, December 21st 2011, 10:20am

Awww hon. I sympathise.
Wanted a stokke but when the company let me down i done my head in trying to choose.
In the end i gave my DH a list of 4 systems and told him to go choose.

He came back with the Uppa baby Vista and maxi cosi car seat with isofix base.i have to say the vista is pretty awesome. The carrycot has a special mattress that baby can sleep on all night. It even has a pull down sun visa so no need for those blasted umbrellas.
It looks nice, pushes lovely and folds up well.
It also won some Which awards.
Good luck hon

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Wednesday, December 21st 2011, 10:58am

It's a minefield!!

We had the icandy cherry/maxi cosi with base for DS, it fit the bill pretty much esp forward/rear facing seat unit which we wanted. I'm hoping to get a bugaboo bee this time (prob 2nd hand) as it does a lot of what I want plus the pushchair folds in one rather than 2 pieces. Although it doesn't have a proper carry cot which is nice for newborn. It's compatible with maxi cosi too.

I also looked at icandy strawberry and babystyle oyster.

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Thursday, December 22nd 2011, 8:56am

Hi, I have a Jane Rider and love it, it folds easily, is compact and my babe loves it. The strata car seat is excellent and is a single hand release to remove from the pram, soooo easy. Worth a look. Good Luck
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Friday, December 23rd 2011, 1:25am

I have a Graco Symbio and I love love love it so does my son so much so he prefers to sleep in it rather than his cot!!
Good luck with your search xxx
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Tuesday, December 27th 2011, 7:38pm

Thanks everyone. Looked today at Kiddicare (NIGHTMARE) then went to Mothercare and had a really helpful bloke.

Front runner is the Silver Cross Surf. Followed closely by Bugaboo Chameleon.

Will let you know what we decide.
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Tuesday, December 27th 2011, 9:33pm

We went to mothercare today aswell and ordered the silver cross metropolitan. Got a free car seat with it. Wasnt even looking at prams but fell in love with it and thought I better get it before sales end. I did the Baby plan and paid a 10% deposit and then just have to make sure the rest is paid 10 days before delivery. Its good coz if you change your mind you still can or add extra stuff onto the plan like nursery furniture. Xxx
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Tuesday, December 27th 2011, 10:00pm

Oooh oooh oooh, silver cross surfer here!!!! I absolutely adore mine!!! Jakey loves it too!
I got mine from a little known shop called BabyCare in Bradford, which is actually the silver cross outlet. I got what was termed a "cosmetic second" which meant it was supposed to have a few minor scratches here and there, but mine was immaculate.
I got everything you could get, including carrycot (can be slept in overnight), cosytoes foot muff, car seat, then the usual base and chassis, plus all rain covers and mosquito nets, for £650. It would have retailed at nearly £1100!!!! They currently have a beautiful limited edition out called petals which is very pretty. You can also swap and change your colours justbybuying a pack. You could have a different colour every day!
Very very very highly recommended, easy to put up and down, lightweight compared to the other biggies, I don't struggle,even with a section wound that is STILL healing.
Oh and this week I was the first person to get the compatible isofix base for the specific surf car seat. Absolute godsend!

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