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Wednesday, August 11th 2010, 11:38am

Worried about 8 wk scan, and blood in urine


its a miracle I am posting in this part of the site. My last post was in the m/c section, having been told that I had probably had a missed m/c (my gut instinct was that I had too) but the hospital couldnt confirm it until late in my 6th week when they would expect to see embroy/heartbeat. I was emotionally and mentally a mess.

So I was amazed when I went in for scan to hear the bad news to see an embryo and heartbeat. Based on LMP I was 7 wks + 5 but based on embryo size I was 6+6 (which would be in keeping with me ovulating at Day 19 of cycle where I conceived).

I went back to hospital yesterday after having a few worrying symptoms over the weekend. Was rescanned and there was some good news - embryo and heartbeat still there, Doc said heartbeat looked "fast enough" and baby had grown as would be expected in 7 weeks since last scan. Doc said I should go with 8wks 5 as my dates, but I assume that this is wrong - baby had had a weeks growth since last scan, not 2 weeks, so I guess that I was 7+6/8 wks yesterday.

I am however very worried. The baby was in the exact same spot as the week before, looking like it is lying on/fixed to to uterus wall - arent they meant to move around? Plus, baby did not move at all, even when doc tried to prompt it by gently jerking the probe around inside me (which went on for several minutes). There wasnt even the slightest twitch from baby. Doc said not to worry, baby is still so small and might just be sleeping. Plus, there was a black circle in baby's head/brain and Doc didnt know what it was, said not to worry and it could be normal but he couldnt say. I was also told I have blood in my urine. It must be microscopic because (tmi sorry) I check religiously when I wipe (having had spotting at 5 wks), but nurse said that presence of blood means they have to treat me as a threatened miscarriage again. I was very freaked out and doc said he would refer me to fetal medicine team for a scan in 2 wks "for reassurance", but am scared he thinks there is something wrong but wouldnt tell me as he could see I would lose the plot.

I have been frantically googling- am not quite so worried about circle in brain as have read that can be normal at this stage ("rhombencephalon"). But the movement thing scares me - I have read lots of accounts of movement detected at 8 wk scans, and baby should be able to move at 8 weeks, particularly if it is 'prompted' as happened yesterday, regardless of whether it is sleeping. If I am 8 wks 5 then am even more worried. Plus am worried by blood in urine too.

Has anyone had similar experiences? If so would be great to hear from you as am going out of my mind with worry. I know I should be reassured by heartbeat and that baby's growth is on track, but am worried there is something wrong with it and thats why it isnt moving. DH has poor morphology and I have read there is higher chance of genetic problems with low morphology.

Am thinking of going for private scan in a week for reassurance and to hopefully see heartbeat and growth are ok and (please dear God) baby is moving. Will drink juice and eat chocolate beforehand as have read that can wake baby up!

sorry for long post - I know I am lucky to be in this position but my life has been an emotional rollercoaster these last few weeks and am not coping very well.

lammy xxx



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Wednesday, August 11th 2010, 2:14pm

Hi Lammy,

I am sorry that your jpurney so far has been so eventful.

I'm not sure about your dates etc, but I would have thought that the most important things at 8 weeks are hb and propr growth. At my 8 week scan, my baby didn't move at all - it was only at the 10 week one that I saw movement. In fact, I had a quick scan at 16 weeks and I didn't see her move either.

So I wouldn't worry too much about this. The most important things are on track so try and focus on that and stay positive and calm until your next scan.

Best of luck

Dee x

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Wednesday, August 11th 2010, 9:49pm

Lammy, sorry to hear you are having a worrying time. I agree with Deedee that the most important thing should be the strong heartbeat and growth. Both of these seem good so stay positive. I can't answer the other questions, maybe someone else will help with those. I know that it doesn't matter what anyone says, you will worry until you've seen your baby move and had your questions answered. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. I hope your next scan puts your mind at rest. x

Btw, I didn't see any movement at my 8 week scan either, just a h/b.

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Wednesday, August 11th 2010, 11:33pm

Hi lammy,

Just seen this post and I'm made up for you. I read an posted in your other thread, so I was surprised when I saw this, your emotions must be all over the place.. Wishing you all the best and Look forward to seeing how you get on.. thumbup

love can :xxx3:
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Thursday, August 12th 2010, 1:36pm


Firstly congratulations!!!

My baby didn't move at all.

The other thing to remember us that they're measuring tiny tiny baby in there. In millimetres. A few mill out and it can put you forward or back so I wouldn't worry at this stage. The main thing is the hb and the growth is good. If you were scanned again immediately after by a different sonographer you would have different measurements.

Don't forget baby has implanted and the placenta is growing ready to take over. How do you know it was in exactly the same spot? Is this what the sonographer said?

You will be given a more accurate date at your 12 week scan. I was put a whole week forward at my 12 week scan but at 8 + 5 I was exactly that! The rate they grow is truly amazing.

If the doctor thought there was something wrong he would have done something and not let you wait 2 weeks.

My baby didn't really move much throughout pregnancy. I first felt a kick at just over 20 weeks then she decided to stop at 29 weeks! Like the doc said, baby could be sleeping. Mine did, lots!!!

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Thursday, August 12th 2010, 2:17pm

HI there,

I really really wouldn't worry about the lack of movement. Just because your baby wasn't moving at the time of your scan, doesn;t mean that it isn;t moving at other times in there. It is so so tiny right now that it would be very difficult for the dr to make it move by prodding it. At a 12 week scan I had with my daughter the sonographer couldn't make her move and she was obviously a lot bigger than your baby is right now.

I know it is hard and I can understand why you are worried, but try to look at the positive news you had at your scan - growth and heartbeat - right now. The doctors are likely to go with your LMP date until your 12 week scan so just go with the flow on that one for now as it isn;t an issue until you reach term adn they start talking about induction.

good luck xx

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Thursday, August 12th 2010, 2:23pm

I saw no movement in my little munchkin when I had an 8 week scan.

Good luck with everything.x

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Friday, August 13th 2010, 9:03am

Hi Lammy,

I'm so sorry to hear of all the trauma you've been through, I really hope things go smoothly from hereonin. I can't add anything about the movement to what has already been said (didn't see my LO move until 10 wk scan) but I am curious about the blood in urine. The presence of very small amounts of blood in urine can be normal in pg or it could be an indicator of a urine infection (very common in pg) I don't think I've ever heard of it being an indicator of mc?

The bladder and uterus are unconnected so bleeding in the uterus (i.e. from a threatened mc) would not show up in your urine. From what I understand the only way that blood in urine would be an indicator of mc would be if you were bleeding vaginally and it was being washed into the pot you're using to collect your sample when you pee - while urinary bleeding is usually impossible to see with the naked eye (unless you have a lot of it) vaginal bleeding you would be able to see. Personally I think I would pop down to your GP, explain you were told there was blood in your urine and you're a bit concerned about it, your GP will test it to see if it's still there and then will advise you accordingly, if it's only a tiny trace then they might say it's normal (I had this early on and the weren't concerned) if it's a bit more than a trace they may treat your for a UTI or send your sample off to establish if there's bacteria in it.

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