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  • "Newyearhopes" started this thread

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Tuesday, June 15th 2010, 9:37pm

Does anybody else feel like this?

Hi all
I suppose i am just after some people in the same stage as me to tell me i am not going mad

I am between 6-7 weeks pregnant and i just feel so petrified that something will go wrong, i saw a darling little heartbeat yesterday and was so over the moon but seeing the tiny little thing has made me realise how fragile it is. I am aware how lucky i am to have got this far and to have my beautiful DS i just seem to be so low.

Night time is worse- i feel very sick, cant eat dinner and just feel really yucky i suppose this just adds to feeling so bad. I need to snap out of it, im litrally walking around like zombie and am almost in a state where i dont want to move because im so scared of dislodging it!! I am being really irrational but just cant shift it, I am crying abt 50% of the day!! ( At least)

I just want this little one so much

Im sorry to depress people, have a severe lack of people to talk to about feeling this way.
All the best to everyone

ME - 31-PCO DH -32-All fine
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babydust TO ALL X XX X



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Tuesday, June 15th 2010, 10:22pm

Yes Yes Yes newyearshopes.

I feel exactly the same way. I think that I should be rejoicing that everything is going to plan so far and I've seen a heartbeat twice and that I should be enjoying every moment. Instead, I am wracked with fear that something is going wrong - so much so that today I convinced myself that I was no longer pregnant. I cry at least once a day and mope around like my life is over. I know its just pure terror that i smaking me this way and I have set myself a milestone that once I get to 12 weeks I will start to enjoy my pregnancy.

But I have a horrible niggling feeling that the whole 9 months will be full of fear..... at which stage you can wheel me into the looney bin!

So you are not alone, we have come so far to get to this, its only natural that we feel this way. Every day at a time, my mum says and thats what I'm trying to do.


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Tuesday, June 15th 2010, 11:07pm


I've been where you are, it took me a long time to think this BFP was here to stay and I even have days still when I think somethings going to go wrong. I think it's normal for girls like us who have had years of disappointment, bad news, waiting and lots of BFNs to believe that this pregnancy will end in a healthy baby. We don't mean to be negative, it's just we've become so used to out TTC ending in negative results so it's all we know. We expect the worst.

I know this waiting for weeks to tick by is hard, especially if you're feeling poorly but just stick in there, it does get easier, I promise.

Sending you both lots of PMA


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beautiful daughter born Sept 2010 thanks to IVF
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  • "Newyearhopes" started this thread

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Location: Dorset

Children: Hayden -7/08/05 and Cerys 31/01/11

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Wednesday, June 16th 2010, 10:14am

Thank you both for replying-nice to know im not alone!! I think taking it each day as it comes is the only option for me as well!! I feel so sorry for DH he is so happy and positive and im all depressing-Must snap out of it: AM GOING TO TRY!! I really must as its disturbing my sleep-such awful dreams!!

Ive got loads to keep me occupied DS, degree and work so must through myself into that apart from nightime when all attention as to go on not being sick!!

All the best to you both x x

ME - 31-PCO DH -32-All fine
DS- 07-08-05 (NATURALLY) DD-31/1/11-(CLOMID 1ST CYCLE) Natural :BFP: 6/10/2014


babydust TO ALL X XX X



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What's Up?

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Wednesday, June 16th 2010, 10:18am


I felt like this too. The only bit of pregnancy I liked was the 2nd tri. First tri I couldn't get off the sofa without being sick and was signed off work till I was 14 weeks then the third tri I was in hospital everyday.

I also felt terrified that it was gonna go all wrong.

NYH - The feeling sick is a good sign. Even though its horrible it is good. I think thats what kept me going, knowing that me feeling rubbish was a sign things were doing ok.

Our miracle was born on 25.02.2010!!

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Sunday, June 20th 2010, 1:28pm

I am terified too!

It seems we are normal. I completely agree with Lalazig that we who have struggeled with infertility have been through soo much we can't just enjoy it.

Stick in there. Your scan went well. The next one will be good too!

You are not alone in this.


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Jan. 10 IVF - BFN
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I now have double the trouble :)

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Sunday, June 20th 2010, 1:39pm


I think how you feel is normal, I was very worried something was going to go wrong too, even though I knew there was no good reason why it should. I am finally just relaxing now that I am half way and getting to feel some movement.

It will get easier, especially after your next scan. I know that probably seems a long way off at the moment but it will come around soon enough.

Sending you :hugs:

Love Gracie


Me - 40 AMH 1.79, DH - 45
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One early loss, 04/09
Freya Grace arrived on 6/11/10 - Perfect at 6lb and 1/2 oz

Amazing natural :BFP: on 12/02/12
Poppy Ann arrived on 13/10/12 - Born at home weighing 6lb 12oz

We got there in the end! happydance

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