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  • "JoJo1974" started this thread

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Wednesday, May 5th 2010, 7:30pm

Spotty Chest - Yuck!!!

Wonder if someone can give me some advice.

I am 13 weeks pregnant and starting a couple of weeks ago I have got a really spotty chest. I have searched internet and know this is quite common in pregnancy but just wondered if anyone had any miracle cures which would clear it up. It really doesn't look very nice and is getting me down (I know it shouldn't but can't help it)

Any help would be very much appreciated
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Wednesday, May 5th 2010, 7:53pm

Hi Jo

Yep, a fairly common thing in pregnancy I think. Although I have to say one of the few things I didn't get! I think you can well and truly blame your hormones!

I'm not sure what you could do to get rid of them - probably a good question for your midwife, other than what you do for spots normally (personally I put a blob of toothpaste on any spot that appears!).

I would think that once your hormones calm down a little the spots will reduce/disappear. Just in time to be replaced with swollen feet and carpal tunnel!

Let us know if you find any good solutions.


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Wednesday, May 5th 2010, 7:55pm

While it is wonderful that you are pregnant one of the downsides is that it seems to reset your hormones to teenager, I had spots EVERYWHERE for the first 4 months and then I had the best skin I've ever had until after my son was born, the only things I can suggest is to use a spot cleanser like you would on your face, get as much as your chest exposed to the sun as you dare and drink lots of water. Other than that I'm afraid it's just wait and it should clear of it's own accord eventually.

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Wednesday, May 5th 2010, 10:05pm

Hi Jo

I had a bad reaction when dr. I looked for natural remedies online and found getting a flannel covered inhot water (from tap) then holding it to the area made a huge difference. I did this at leadt twice a day. Sorry for tmi but it brings the yuck stuff to the surface.

Also a product suggested to me (described as acne cream for older skin!) is brilliant. It isn't astringent like teenage acne cream so doesn't dry the skin. It's called freederm and i picked it up in boots.

Hope that helps.

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Wednesday, May 5th 2010, 10:08pm

Like pootle says its deffo your hormones and the tooth paste trick works a treat but only a ickle bit not lots as it will make your skin very red and may burn lol - maybe using a cleanser could work or soap clean ya chest with soap of a morning and night! soap dries up spots - dove soap - especially :winking:


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Thursday, May 6th 2010, 12:00am

Hi, having the same problem here, my chest looks awful and I am going to portugal on the 20th (hopefully volcano permitting) so it will be horribly on show. I've started to use a boots tea tree and witch hazel peel off face mask. It's early days but it seems to be working. On the plus side my psoriasis which I had on my scalp, stomach, elbows and knees has completely vanished. My midwife says this is really common in pregnancy but comes back afterwards with a vengance. Wouldn't have minded if she kept that info to herself and let me find out in 7 months for myself!

Any other tips gratefully received.


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  • "JoJo1974" started this thread

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Thursday, May 6th 2010, 8:15am

Thanks for the tips girls.

I have freederm which I have been trying for the last 2 nights seems to have helped a bit.

Hopeful - I bought that mask to use on my face perhaps I will use on chest instead. I am off to Spain on Sunday and was hoping a bit of sun would also help but just looked at the weather at it doesn't look good.
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Thursday, May 6th 2010, 3:16pm

Tea tree is fab for spots, it really dries them out.

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