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  • "lizzy dripping" started this thread

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Friday, December 11th 2009, 10:01am

19 wks w/twins and scared!

Hey everyone :P

I've never posted in this section before, but feeling finally well enough to share my experiences with everyone now, and would love to get some advice from other ladies in a similar position.

I'm currently 19wks with twins, and incompetent cervix :sadface: I had a shirodkar stitch placed at 12 weeks, when consultant said my cervix was already very "floppy", and twins would have been lost at 16 wks without stitch :bawl:

I'm a bit of a mystery really, because my first child was a whopping 9Ilbs 8ozs and only 1 week early, though my second made a surprise appearance at 24 weeks. She is fine now, but that experience left us traumatised and unsure whether we wanted to take a chance on a third baby.

Anyhoo - 5 yrs later, and conception strangely NOT forthcoming we embarked on IVF - neither of us getting any younger. Luckily it worked first time, hence the twins. Now, quite frankly I am a bag of nerves.

I am having fortnightly internal scans to check my cervix, and so far it is nice and long at 4.3cms (normal woman's between 2.5 and 5). It is closed, without any funelling or dilation - yippee! That of course could change as the pregnancy increases in weight and puts more pressure on my cervix - but, it is debatable as to whether I ever really had genuine IC due to my son's full-term birth. No one is really sure.

My problem is, that I have loads of pressure and discomfort in my tail bone, and moving around for more than 10 mins feels really uncomfortable. I am sofa-bound much of the time, only getting up to make the tea, dress the kids etc. No one told me to rest, but I feel that physically I cannot do much more. I don't know if this is normal with a twin pregnancy, or is a sinister sign. :8o:

I suspect my pelvis is struggling with the sheer weight of this pregnancy, but unfortunately the symptoms mimic those of IC, and it's really stressing me out. My bump is already bigger than that with my other two at 26 weeks - so it makes sense that my body is feeling the strain. I am also older at 36 than I was when carrying my previous babies - and the immobility alone probably makes me "cease up" and feel stiff on moving around.

Can anyone else without IC relate to these feelings? Can it be normal for a twin pregnancy? I also suffered with moderate OHSS after IVF, which has only subsided in the last 2 weeks. This alone caused a huge solid abdomen in the evenings, and increased pressure from my mammoth ovary, so I'm hoping that all contributed to my general feeling of unwellness.

Hope you ladies all happy and healthy, and look forward to sharing stories with you all xxx


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Friday, December 11th 2009, 10:57am

Hi Lizzy,
I'm also 19 weeks pregnant with twins. I find my tailbone gets quite painful when I sit in one position for too long, then it hurts when I move to another position. I'm also finding it harder to move around, but I think for me it's mostly because of the extra bulk and weight. I would mention to your Dr or midwife how physically difficult you're finding things, they might even recommend you move around a bit more, or maybe you have a problem with your pelvis joints (SPD I think it's called ?). As long as I don't have to bend down I am generally fine moving around for a period of time, it's just my feet that kill me.
I hope your cervix continues to behave itself, it's good that you are having 2 weekly check-ups. Hopefully some people more knowledgeable than me will come along soon :smile: .

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Friday, December 11th 2009, 11:45am

Hi Lizzy,
It does sound questionable whether you did have an incompetent cervix before (do you have any risk factors such as previous procedures done on your cervix?). But it makes sense to be cautious, given the early arrival of your DD, and get the stitch and have weekly scans. It is of course great that your cervix is so long!

Bump size - don't worry about that. You will have a big bump early on, even with a singleton, because this is not your first pregnancy. For your OHSS, have they measured the size of your ovaries recently?

I don't think the discomfort in your tailbone sounds sinister... it sounds more musculoskeletal. If your DH presses on the area that aches, does that hurt? However, it is very significant that you think the symptoms are similar to what you felt before so you should definitely get it checked out. Can you let your midwife and/or GP know about it? Let us know what they say if you can.


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Monday, December 14th 2009, 11:40am

Hi Lizzy,

i had similar to your pregnancy, due to removal of abnormal cels from my cervix few years ago i had my cervix checked more frequently. I had ring pessary iserted (it is not proven that it works) at 20 weeks to help prevent early labor and had it removed at 35 weeks. I sufered severe OHSS and spend 2 weeks in hopital my ovaries were the size of an orange, and i could feel them hurt up to 22 weeks. as you are saying i could not walk for more than 10 min as it was very painful and i could feel a lot of presure, i bouth a suport belt from mothercare that was a life saver for me it was the one made of 2 parts one goes round your bely and the other part across your back/weist and sticks to the sides of the bely part ( sorry i am rubish at explayning things :O ) I have to say I felt much better after 24 weeks. I am not much help but I thout i will shear my experiance with you. :goodluck:

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Monday, December 14th 2009, 8:41pm

Lizzy I feel your pain as I went through the exact same thing in my twin pregnancy. A few years previously I had a loop diathermy (removal of abnormal cells from cervix) and they took a large amount of my cervix away so when I fell pregnant with the twins, I worried constant that I would have them very early. I had my cervix measured at 24 weeks and it was 4.3 cm so was spot on but still I worried. I carried my first baby to 41 weeks and she was born a healthy 8lb and I had no problems at all during that pregnancy but fast foward 14 years and my twin one was a different matter. I was in the same position as you and from 14 weeks pregnant onwards I had the most awful pain in my tailbone when I was sitting and this was aggrevated by my job which was a sit down desk top so I had to take early mat leave at 20 weeks pregnant. I still get this pain even now when I'm sitting and it takes me ages to get up from hard seats which I never had before the pregnancy. I found I also could barely do day to day stuff and found It hurt to move as I was in such much pain, I just felt an immense pressure down below and in my legs and was that bad that at times I just wanted to sit down in the aisle in supermarkets :D so I tended to stay in all the time and most of the time was in bed as it phsically was so painful to move. I did get an appt with the physio who gave me a support belt but I found that it didnt make much difference. The only thing I found good was a large v shaped pillow which I would lie with my leg up on and this seemed to ease the pressure on my body. I still sleep like this now with one leg up on my DH believe it or not.

Anyway I dont want to sound all doom and gloom but just wanted you to know that you're not alone. I went on to have the babies at 33 +1 via an emergency c sec as I started bleeding on and of from week 32. I was 2cm dilated when checked but as I'd had a baby before the consultant said some women's cervix can stay a cm or so dilated after giving birth. Both babies were breech all the way through my pregnancy and twin 1 was a footling breech so the consultant thought it was safer to bring them as with a footling breech, her feet had started to drop drop down and they can be problems with the cord falling out and cutting oxygen supply so they took me down for that reason and they were fine.. they weighed 4lb 8 and nearly 4lb and only had to go on a heated mattress in the Neonatal unit and be tube fed as they were early, apart from that they came home after 2 weeks and I breastfed both for 6 weeks with no problems.. I now have 2 beautiful girls who will be 2 in March and they are fab. Remember also that you will be a lot bigger in a twin pregnancy.. I was huge and went from 9st 1 fighting weight to 15 stone at 33 weeks.. I always measured about 6-7 weeks ahead which is normal in a twin pregnancy anyway so you're bound to get lots of aches and pains.. just wait till your ankles swell like elephants feet :snigger: Try and rest up and let people run after you as much as they can.. not easy with a young family but try and accept all offers of help.

In no time at all you'll be holding those gorgeous twinlets and life will never be the same again.. at least not for 18 years anyway :snigger:
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Thursday, December 17th 2009, 10:59am

Thanks for this thread - I think you've expressed a lot of my concerns, although I've not had any issues with and IC, my son was born at 41+5 weighing under 6lbs and I'm sure I'm as big as I was when I was about 7-8 months pregnant with my singleton and wonder how my body can carry on for another 16 to 18 weeks with two babies inside me! I would say that most of your worries are perfectly normal, especially as your that bit older and one's body feels it - I'm 41, positively ancient, so can empathise!

I'm trying really hard to keep as positive an outlook as possible but I know I will breathe huge sighs of relief as I pass the 24, 28, 30, 34 weeks stages. Maybe we should have celebration threads on this part of the forum to mark these important milestones!!! Meantime, we're here to listen and share your anxieties.

R x

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  • "lizzy dripping" started this thread

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Wednesday, January 20th 2010, 9:54am

Hey everyone. I feel awful because .I haven't posted here for several weeks. I am grounded by this pregnancy, and spend most of my time freaking out with fear, so doing anything more than vegging out on the settee seems like an uphill struggle ;)

Anyway, to update. I am now 24+4days preggo with twin boys - yey!! I have lost all the tail bone pressure I talked about at the beginning of this thread, and this has been replaced by an occasional "tampon like" feeling in my lady bits - eek!! Fortunately I was last scanned internally at 22 weeks, this feeling was there, but my cervix was still long and closed - thank god! I am due for another TVU amd full baby scan this Friday, so fingers crossed my cervix is still holding up. I have read that if an incompetent cervix shows little sign of change in length between 18 and 26 weeks, then the chances are you'll go on to deliver near to term. So far it is defying all predictions, so let's hope it continues down this path.

I think Roxy's idea to have threads marking weekly milestones for us twin ladies is a great idea. 24wks was a huge milestone for me, because that is wehn my dd made an appearance, now I am just praying I make it to 28, and then 32. Much love to everyone x