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Monday, June 26th 2006, 8:54am

Feeling Emotional

Feeling incredibly emotional today. Over-did it at the weekend and one mention of 'if you do too much you might have a miscarriage' has totally thrown me and now I'm worried something has happened. I have my 25 week check up at the docs later so at least I can get the heatbeat checked.

I'm not at work today. Feeling drained and have no energy. Can't believe I'm sitting at this computer with tears streaming down my face. I panic that I don't feel enough kicks, and when I do I'm convincing myself they are kicks when they might not be.

Think I'm just going through hormonal emotion.

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Monday, June 26th 2006, 9:00am


I understand exactly how you are feeling, I have woken up this morning feeling really down - don't know why - apart from the fact i think I could be tired, on my long stint at work at work at the moment.

I don't even want to go into work today, might have something to do with working until 10pm and with a woman who never speaks!

Hope you feel more reassured once you have had your appointment later.

Don't think the change in weather helps much either.

sending loads of love and hugs to you


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Monday, June 26th 2006, 9:40am

I had a couple days last week like that..just very tired and emotional..fine now tho..reckon its just'll be fine soon Jen





Monday, June 26th 2006, 9:54am

Bloody tears, this is stupid! Once more the dog has gone to my parents for the day so I can have somer est time, and that's brought the tears on too,

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Monday, June 26th 2006, 11:18am

I had days like that too Jen. Its your hormones!!! Bl**dy things. As if you didn't have enough to deal with when pg!!!!

I hope your appt puts your mind at rest.



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Monday, June 26th 2006, 1:27pm

Jenny, you need to relax about thing. Whatever happens is ment to happen...
Doing a bit of housework is loads better than worrying about what you have done...
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Monday, June 26th 2006, 2:30pm

All that I have done today is vacced up and washed the pots. The rest of the time I've been watching mindless telly and 2 films.

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Monday, June 26th 2006, 2:37pm

i too was in tears yesterday but that was because DP decided to take 6 hours down the pub to watch the england game then rolled home pissed - while i sat home like a lemon waiting for him.

Jen - you seem to be a born worrier ! ....... :))




Monday, June 26th 2006, 3:07pm

I am Kiz, it's true

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Monday, June 26th 2006, 3:15pm

its natural - i'd like to say dont worry but if will fall on deaf ears .... or should that be blind eyes ??? !!!

Take it easy if thats what feel like doing - your body will soon tell you enough is enough.
And miscarriage risk is very low - i would think you would have to do something pretty extreme miscarry.
just no climbing or heavy lifting and just be careful.

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Monday, June 26th 2006, 3:50pm

Jen - I have a relaxation CD specifically for pregnancy. Why not try one. You are a worry-socks, but that is allowed, you are you!!

You'll hear that little hb soon!!!

Lots of good vibes and a little prayer coming your way.
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Monday, June 26th 2006, 4:05pm

Jen we all have them even when we are not pg! The problem with having down days while pg is you make yourself feel even worse because you are pg and should be on cloud nine especially if you have had tx? not at all it's perfectly normal don't beat yourself up about it, there is so much going on physically and emotionally it's to be expected that at some stage you are going to feel down xx

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Monday, June 26th 2006, 5:14pm

jen hun, it's normal to feel like that.

i once was so convinced at my baby hadnt move for days and i went to the hospital to have it checked up. but all was totally fine.

it just the hormone. if you want to cry, cry. it's fine but dont let it stress you too much as you know you got a baby in the oven ;)

sending you a lot of hugs




Monday, June 26th 2006, 7:39pm

Thanks ladies, blimey, I'm knackered now. Feel like I've been crying and been walking round like a zombie all day (oh, I have ;) ).

Well I'm checked out, and Junior is well and very active by all accounts so I feel so much better. DH came with me as he hasn't heard the heart beating yet and loved it.

I asked about the anterior placenta and because it's at the front it will be why I don't feel loads of kicks every day - but the monitor confirms Junior is well and obviously in training to be a gymnast !

Also the reason I could be getting lots of discomfort on my knickerline could be because of the placeta's position. It gets uncomfortable around lunchtime and feels as though my trousers are really digging in, no matter whether they are under, on, or above bump.

Anyway I'm happier now, but knackered....!!

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Tuesday, June 27th 2006, 10:57am

Jen - hope your feeling better today !!!

Have you decided on a name for the future little Jen ?