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  • "BlueEyes" started this thread

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Saturday, September 26th 2009, 11:32am

Any one have any ideas whats wrong??

Hi all,

My 18year old niece is just 6months pregnant, shes been feeling really really run down and tearful and is constantly tired. Her hair has gone all brittle and just looks like straw.
She said she hasnt felt the baby move yet, but his heart beat is all fine and he is growing ok. So the midwife said maybe as shes a first time mum she wont know what it feels like for him to move??

Now her glands have all come up under her chin and neck, the one under her chin is like an egg! One doctor said its glandular fever and another one said he wasnt sure if it was glandular fever and just signed her off work now until the baby is born. She looks so down and she cant sleep.

Has any of you felt like this or any advice to perk her up??

It doesnt help that her boyfriend is a complete idiot and shes getting upset and stressed over him!!

Thanks ladies, just a bit worried about her and bump.


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  • "BlueEyes" started this thread

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Saturday, September 26th 2009, 11:42am

I shouldnt have put the subect as "any one have any ideas whats wrong?" Because we dont even know if anything is wrong she might just be having a rough time of it!


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Saturday, September 26th 2009, 4:57pm

No idea on what this could be but didn't want to read and run.

I uess it could be that she's so run down and stressed. I hope things get better soon! xxx

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Saturday, September 26th 2009, 9:06pm

I would say its stress, especially if her boyfriend isnt very nice to her and causes her problems, stress can do alot of nasty things to u. i got very ill from it in the past and developed breathing problems and stomach pains!
Id say make sure shes looking after herself and eating well as that may be why babys not movin very much if shes not eating properly?
dont no really.
hope things get btr! xxx




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Saturday, September 26th 2009, 9:17pm

I presume they've given her a full blood screen to make sure that she doesn't have anything like low iron or thyroid? both will make her feel pants.

Pregnancy can make some people feel quite ill and run down, the immune system is supressed to protect the pregnancy which puts her at risk of catching all sorts of viruses which, while not life threatening, can make her feel really run down. Combine run down with the pregnancy hormones and you get depression, it's actually quite common for some women to experience depression in pregnancy (try googling it).

Like the MW has said she may not realise that what she's feeling is movement and if her baby is facing the wrong way she may not be able to feel it properly, if mine is back to belly and kicking my back I often can't feel him. If she's really worried she could try drinking a sweet drink, lying down on the bed for an hour and balancing something like the remote control on her belly, when the baby moves the remote will wriggle from side to side. She can also insist upon being referred for a scan to set her mind at ease. Remember though that some women manage to go through their whole pregnancy without realising they are pregnant so they presumably don't feel the baby move!

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Sunday, September 27th 2009, 6:47pm

Hi Natty, it could well be glandular fever your niece has - she's the right age for it. If her GP thought it might be, he could have confirmed it with a blood test. She could go back and ask to be tested. It would probably be reassuring to have a proper diagnosis. Glandular fever would give these symptoms, and it can cause depression.