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Friday, December 26th 2008, 11:57am

Insomnia - Again:( (an piles!)


Do any of u have any ideas on how i can get off to sleep! By 4/5pm i am shattered an my eyes are burning, i try to cat nap, but nothing comes - when i eventually go to bed (lets say between 10/11pm) i lay there tossing an turning till the wee early hours .... last night i went to bed at 11.30pm, slept like a baby - until 1.30am, tossed an turned, woke DH an i eventually got up at 3am, tried to go back at 4am, then got up again at 4.30 an finally went to sleep at 6.30am this morning!
I am shattered ... also i suffer terrible piles, i did on the first 2 x children aswell, they have already started to become sore, so i KNOW its just gonna get worse as the pregnancy progresses - any tips, cos i seem to find that every time i open my bowels, im in agony thereafter for at least 2/3 hours .... nothing eases it!

Thanks ... Xxxx



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Friday, December 26th 2008, 4:00pm

Dh says special time when you wake up will make you tired and go back to sleep lmao

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Friday, December 26th 2008, 5:48pm

What works for me...

-Go to bed with a book and read until you cant keep your eyes open (stops you fixating on trying to go to sleep)
-Have a camamille tea - there are also 'relaxing' herbal teas around that promote sleep that you can take 30 min before bed
-Meditate in a quiet place for 30 min to clear your mind before bed, just sort out a quiet place and sit in the dark, I light a candle and try to focus on the flame and not think about anything, just focus on that and your breathing and feeling/relaxing every muscle in your body, deep regular breathing, it gets easier the more you try.
- close you eyes and visualise your quiet place - a spot where you see yourself standing or sitting in a setting which feels most idilic and serene to you, use it to go to when you get stressed and just sit there (I sit on a hill under a big oak tree next to a babbling stream, theres wild flowers everywhere and its a really sunny gorgeous day. Oh - sometimes theres kittens, or cats I once had sitting on my knee again :-) (whatever place you like most - and images that relax you, the more you do it the more real the spot becomes in your head, it could be by the sea, on the beach, by a waterfall.) Gosh I sound like a real hippy!!! But it really does help you relax.
-Get DH to read you a story in bed, I know - corny but I find if I'm read to I focus on the story and drop off, usually before he finishes the first chapter
-Go for a long walk, and walk out that tension, then come home. have a hot shower and go to bed. If I go for a long walk it helps my body relax and get tired, and I get DH to come with me (cause its at night time) and we can have a long talk, get out of the house, which helps get everything out of my head and off my chest
- I find doing 'morning pages' also works, the idea is first thing in the morning before anythng else you journal all the thoughts going on in your head, you have to write a solid 3 pages 'train of thought' just write everything in your head as it comes to mind, don't structure it. After a few weeks you'll find what you write is less repetitive and more positive as it starts to stop/reduce reoccurring stressful thoughts, yourve got them all out.
- get DH to give you a long relaxing massage to help everything wind down

Anything that relaxes your body AND mind
Good luck with it Becs!
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Friday, December 26th 2008, 9:09pm

i know how you feel about the lack of sleep Bec, i have been having major trouble getting a decent sleep. seems that even tho im shattered, my mind isnt and all i do is think things over and over. it may be to do with the pregnancy, money, house, family, friends, just anything but my brain just goes into overdrive. i finally had a great sleep lastnight. i moved into the cooler bedroom (which we usually only sleep in, in summer, as its freezing), and i slept soundly. think being preggers raises your temperature also???


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Friday, December 26th 2008, 9:43pm

I'm afraid I'm with you all, too! And I don't have a solution:rolleyes:!

I don't think I've slept through the night since I found out I am pregnant. I usually fall asleep ok, sleep well for 2 or 3 hours then spend the rest of the night tossing and turning. I guess it must just be hormones, and possibly a busy/worrying mind in my case.

Insomnia is horrible, but I get the feeling that if I slept through the night now I'd worry something was wrong!

The only thing that does seem to have helped a little - and I have no idea why - is swapping sides of the bed. I just feel less restless, and am now on the side away from the wall and nearest the loo, so I can get up without disturbing DH as much.

Sending you all sleep-tight vibes for tonight!

Bunny x
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Friday, December 26th 2008, 9:51pm

Thanks Ladies,

DH did suggest swapping sides, but i like sleeping on my right side, away from him snoriing in me face :snigger: if i swap sides, he wud bug me even more :snigger:

In all fairness tho, he has been great, keeps asking me if im ok, if he can do anything for me, an apologises if he falls asleep then wakes up - this is why last few nights i have been getting up an leaving him there, that way at least one of us can get some sleep.

I usually jump into DD's bed (she at Uni during the week) but she is home for the xma hols now, think she mite have summit to say if i nudge her up :snigger:

My piles have been a lot better today - altho i can still feel em throbbing a wee tad. Cant belive they are playing up so early on ... i think i may need to drink more during the day, to keep me 'regular' it wasnt that i was constipated yesterday either - i just think i ate so much, an went about 3 or 4 times an agravaed them (sorry tmi :O)

Anyhow, tonight ive devised a plan. Have told eldest DD to be home at 12pm (last few nights she been waking us up comming home at 3.30 - not that ive actually been asleep) so if she is home, maybe i'll sleep better. Ive started a good book today, so have a glass of orange, the beside lamp on, an am going to read until my eyes are dropping ...

Wish me luck lol .... xxxxx



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Friday, December 26th 2008, 10:28pm

Hope you have lovely sweet dreams tonight Bec. I couldn't sleep when I was preg either, there's so much mushing around in your head at the moment x

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Saturday, December 27th 2008, 3:40pm

I think that the whole sleeplessness issue is a way of preparing us for when the baby is born and all the fun night-time activity that entails!! So Bec, your body could just be hyper-efficient! I'm the opposite way - could go to sleep at any time of the day right now and I think my family are starting to get suspicious that something's up...I really dislike the first trimester, my body just doesn't work properly and it's so frustrating.
I reckon that a hot bath before bed will go a long way to sorting out both the piles and the insomnia....
gambouk xx

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Saturday, December 27th 2008, 4:10pm

Well ladies, i went to bed last night at 10.30, i read till ooooooooooooo at least 10.35 :snigger: turned light out. DH got up at 12.30 (ish) for the loo (typical - arghhhh) but i went back to sleep pretty quick - woke up - needed loo (typical again lol) dared to look at the clock - an it was 7.10AMMMMMMMM :weehee:
I slept all the way thru .... dunno how that happened, but i had the best ngihts sleep EVER!!!
Went out this afternoon for a walk with DH, it was beautiful, nice an cold an crisp frost an white everywhere - only walked for about 20/30 mins, but enjoyed the fresh air, had a pub lunch which was lovely - now im all relaxed, gonna out me pj's on (not the ones i had for xmas - re: my diary :snigger:) an cuddle up under the blanket with DH ... oh this is bliss .... please let my sleep come again tonight too...


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Saturday, December 27th 2008, 6:34pm

Hi Bec - Good Luck for another good sleep tonight. xxx

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Saturday, December 27th 2008, 7:23pm

Glad you had a good nights sleep Bec. The weird thing is I'm sleeping really well!! and i ususally wake up in the night. Oh but I also have piles - and they're bleeding for you hun! :snigger: The nightmare thing is - I'm not even constipated!!! Grrrr.


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