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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 8:47am

What Happens After the 2WW

Hi Ladies,

There's so much conflicting information around about what you can and can't do during your 2WW. To the best of my ability I've been trying to do what I can to follow instructions!

Now I'm officially out of my 2WW and have been lucky enough to get a BFP so my question is, can I just go back to doing everything normally again? Are the 2WW "don'ts" about helping the embies hang on (in which case should I carry on with them?) or are they about taking it easy after EC (in which case I can go back to normal)?

Most importantly, what about [zx084] ? My clinic didn't seem to think it made a difference, but I have read loads of other info about abstaining during the 2WW, which is what we have ended up doing. Can I ask you ladies what your clinics have said about this, and when you're allowed to "start up" again?



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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 10:10am

Hi Jessica, many congrats on your BFP - what a lovely early christmas pressie!

I think most clinics/GPs/midwives would say that sex is fine at this point. Some ladies get told not to if they've been bleeding for example but generally its ok! Should add that we didn't as I was so neurotic but just personal choice!

As for what to do - there aren't really any 'don'ts' other than using your common sense - alcohol/food stuff but I'm sure you know about that already, don't climb everest and leave the para gliding for now!

Seriously though, be sensible but live your life and most of all, ENJOY!


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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 10:11am

Hi Jessica ... Congratulations on your BFP!!

With regards to [zx084] I am just over 11 wks pregnant and we haven't had full on since before the 2ww which makes it about 13 - 14 wks now!! Every clininc is different but we just didn't want to risk anything.

You just need to do whatever you feel comfortable with hun xx

Good luck

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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 10:15am

Hi Jessica and congratulations!

All of these are a matter of choice really and as long as everything is ok with your pregnancy there is no reason why you can't do everything that you would normally do.
My advice would be that if it worries you then it's probably best avoided - for your own peace of mind.

Sorry i can't be more specific but i'm sure some of the other ladies will give you the benefits of their experience too.

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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 11:15am

Hey Honey blowkiss

Ok, as u know - during my 2ww - we didnt have full blown 'sex' but i did have an orgasam, hell i had about 3 (altho a lot of the women advised against it) i have had many more since (must be the hormones) :snigger: as for sex - my clinic said that i can carry on as normal now - ok so no jumping off the wardrobes just in case u do ur back in .... but if u wanna dress up as a chauffer, then u go ahead hun ... only if u feel comfortable tho :snigger:

An the normal things apply now - no alcohol (alto im sure u know that lol) drugs (only paracetomal) no heavy lifting .... oph an its a must that u put ur feet up at 8pm sharp ... cos i can guarantee u, in a few weeks time u will be sleeping by then anyway ;)




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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 11:19am

Hi Jessica - ohh how nice to see you on this side of the site :happy:

I decided to try to take it as easy as possible untill the 1st scan (and while DH was volunteering to hoover i figured it would be wrong of me to say no :snigger:), but it is up to you and i think as long as you rest when you're tired and listen to your body then you'll be fine.

As for [zx084] i'm afraid my morning sickness and tiredness kind of killed any ideas in that direction !!!! Maybe DH will get luck on our weekend away in London :snigger:

enjoy your :BFP:


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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 11:27am

YAY!!! Congratulations Jessica!! happydance happydance I am so happy for you!! Fantastic news!!! Wahoo!!!

Regards the other things... I am still not doing 'everything' as I did before, but then as you know I am not feeling 100% just yet... back on cooking duties (damn! :snigger:) have done a bit of hoovering, but generally am still taking it easy, am so tired I don't have the energy to do much else anyway! Still haven't had sex (poor DH! :snigger:) Going to wait until after 12 week scan, don't know entirely why, just will feel a lot more confident about it then... I am sure it is absolutely fine but why risk it?! Dr said to us about 2 weeks ago that it should be fine but because my ovaries are still enlarged it may hurt a bit... it used to hurt a bit before :snigger: so we're just waiting.

That's not overly helpful is it! Still, you must be used to my waffle by now! :snigger:

I am so thrilled to have read your post!!! woohoo :xxx3: :xxx3:

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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 11:55am

Hi Jessica and congrats.
I have to agree with cazd - the morning sickness and tirednees has just about killed everything. Even cooking is a task and I havn't been able to clean the house for a few weeks. We have [zx084] but to be honest I was so tired it was rather disappoinitng so we are going to wait till the 12 weeks scan and hopefully my energy levels will rise again.

Good luck sweetie and just go with what you body wants.

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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 2:09pm

No advice but I would like to say congratulations to you!! :D


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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 2:19pm

Congratulations sweety what a fantastic xmas pressie

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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 7:51pm

Hey Jess, I was too scared to ask my clinic - chicken huh! We will wait until we feel a little more sure, maybe until our scan and we see a heartbeat. I think we are paranoid since my period always seems to start immediately after sex and if its gone away for a day and we have sex it often comes back for another quick spurt! Feels like a scary trigger for me. We would blame ourselves if something then went wrong and don't need that pressure right now! Like everyone says its depends how you feel.

I did ask about exercise and my clinic def said to keep being a bit careful, they said no swimming for a few more weeks (esp not public baths due to germs) and I'm still not allowed to start my running up again :-(, thats whats killing me most, as its my stress relief!! I miss my long runs. Went for a long walk last night instead as they said go for walks if you want to do something (me and DH went for a big walk, hour and a half, with hills, a little naughty I think but I didn't push anything, took it very easy - was just so nice to get out there). Sometimes I think the stress build up of avoiding things must be worse for us!

At least Bec seems alot less stressed having indulged :-P
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Wednesday, December 10th 2008, 7:54pm


Originally posted by Deidre

At least Bec seems alot less stressed having indulged :-P


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rotf