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Monday, October 12th 2009, 7:43am

Heavy/early symptoms sign of twins?

I am approx 4-5 weeks after IVF, where we only had one embryo put back. However I have read that SET has a higher chance of becoming twins with IVF, and we both have twins in the family (my Nan was a twin and OH has twin cousins).

I am experiencing a LOT more symptoms than I expected to at such an early stage - is this usually a sign of tiwns?

I am extremely tired and emotional, have put on 5 lbs and cant fit into my clothes (stomach is very solid - I look about 5 months gone!) have had over the last day or two dizzy spells, nausea, heartburn, by boobs have gotten huge and very heavy.

Am I just being paranoid?
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Monday, October 12th 2009, 10:35am

Hi, i am expecting twins with IVF, i did have 2 eggs put back though, if im honest i had no idea i was having twins till i had my scan at 7 weeks, but i was sick from about 5 weeks! that was the only sign i had, but then all us ladies are very different...when do you have your scan?
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Monday, October 12th 2009, 11:04am

Hi PP,

Congratulations of your BFP!!

We didn't find out we were having twins until our 7 weeks scan either but I had been feeling sick and tired etc since around 5 weeks, like BB.

Good luck with your scan and please let us know how you get on!! x

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Monday, October 12th 2009, 1:15pm

Hi Purplepower,
Every person and every pregnancy is so different!
I didn't have any morning sickness, and my bump only popped out at around 17 weeks, yet I do have twins on board! It is so difficult to tell from symptoms... but your first scan will reveal all! Wishing you lots of luck xfingers

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Monday, October 12th 2009, 2:01pm

I too have read that the incidence of identical twins is higher with ivf. The procedures mean the embryo is more likely to split. This is different from fraternal twins which are two entirely separate embryos and is supposed to run in families. However, I don't think that the twins in the family thing applies with IVF it is when two eggs are released and fertilised during a natural cycle. With ivf there's a higher risk of multiples because people opt to have two or more embryos put back. If you have had only one embryo put back and it split, then you could be having identical twins I suppose - we were warned that we could get triplets if we put two embryos back as these could then split to form a further embryo(s)!

I have had very strong pregnancy symptoms from quite early on and am now showing very obviously even though I'm only 10 weeks. I also had very high hcg levels (4000 at 17dpo and 14000 20 dpo) so they can give you a clue. But as Mavis says, you'll only know for sure at your scan.

Best of luck whichever the outcome!

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Tuesday, October 13th 2009, 11:09am

Congratulations Purplepower!

I was like Mavis and had no symptoms what so ever, I didn't really start showing until about 18 weeks infact I didn't even tell work till I was 16 weeks and everyone was really shocked! I was tired but other than that zilch!

Mavis - nwere you desperatley waiting for the sickness to kick in? For some reason I really wanted to be sick just to prove I was preggers! :snigger:

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  • "PurplePower" started this thread

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Children: 2 daughters - 16 and 13.

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Tuesday, October 13th 2009, 11:21am

Thanks for all the replies! My scan is booked for the 29th so I guess I'll find out then :)

I know all pregnancies are diffrent, but wouldnt it be better if they were all the same then we would know exactly what was going on lol
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Saturday, October 17th 2009, 8:25pm

Congratulations PurplePower :thumbsup2:

Just noticed this thread. I had ICSI and 2 embies put back. Like some of the other ladies I had constant queasiness from towards the end of the 2ww. When I was pregnant last year I never felt so sick that early on. Also my HCG level at 14 days after EC was 137 this time compared to 59 last year so I knew that there was a fair chance that both embryos were still in there :D
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