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Friday, January 16th 2009, 9:25pm

Can i buy pink bedding?

Hey Ladies,

Question. I have had a sexing scan that i paid for at 18 weeks and 6 days and was told that it was 100% a girl. She showed me 3 lines between her legs! I haven't rushed out to buy lots of pink just yet as I have heard stories of the baby turning out to be the opposite sex. I thought that by my 20 week scan i would feel more confident. At my NHS 20 week scan the tech said 'i think its a girl' followed by 'oh i got a good look then' when the baby moved her legs. I know it is a small chance this baby is a boy but i was wondering about the babies nursery. I have it painted neutral, with neutral carpet and furniture but before finding out the sex I knew which bedding i wanted for a boy (in blue and red) and which bedding i wanted for a girl (in white and pink) but I dont know whether to go out and buy pink bedding! Im not doubting the ultrasounds as such, but im such a cautious person. What do you think? Shall i have the bedding i want and leave the tags on or shall i pick out something neutral? What has been your experiences with ultrasound and gender.

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Friday, January 16th 2009, 9:54pm

Our sonographer was certain we are having a girl so we have got some pink clothes. I won't be decorating anything pink though, it was never my intention to do so. Babies don't know the rule that pink is for agirl and blue os for a boy, so there's not real harm done if the sleep in the 'wrong' colour bedroom, just us that would be bothered. Don't forget that baby will be in your room for a few months so there's no need to buy anything urgently.

I know your question is about practical stuff but when your baby arrives, even if 'she' turns out to be 'he', that will be perfect for you. Thats how I felt with Mooch because I had convinced myself she was a boy and that a girl would be a disappointment. Of course it wasn't and this time round I'm quite glad its a girl, I wouldn't have aclue what to do with a boy.

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Saturday, January 17th 2009, 2:58pm

I either read or heard something earlier this week which was saying about the fact that in Victorian times, pink was a boy's colour, and blue for girls - the reason being that pink is a stronger colour, and boys can carry it better, and that blue is a softer colour, and therefore better for girls!

If you decided to go and buy pink clothes, and then against the odds give birth to a boy, you could always say you were going back to Victorian times! The baby won't care what they wear anyway!

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Saturday, January 17th 2009, 4:16pm

pah you buy whatever colour you want to buy!

I had three scans that confirmed i am having a girl so i think i can be pretty certain and have bought lots of pink but i do also have a few blue items that have been given to me and i'm not at all against her wearing them.

A private scan at almost 19 weeks would be pretty conclusive though really so the chances of her turning out to be a him are very low.
My gender scan was at 16 weeks and then i had it confirmed again at 20 weeks and during my 4d scan at 25 weeks!

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Saturday, January 17th 2009, 6:56pm

:hello: congratulations on the news you are having a daughter! lurve

we asked to be told H's sex at the 20 week scan, and was told she 'might be a girl' but we paid to have a sexing scan at around 27 weeks and the sonographer seemed very certain she was a girl....we were shown the 3 lines between h's legs too, the sonographer said she was 98-99% sure she was a girl, as boys simply dont have that.

i think if you are paying for a sexing scan they are trained precisley for that reason.

id believe and buy pink! :D

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