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Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 8:53am

hello! my clinic experience...

firstly hi there to all you ladies, hope you are all doing fab and got to say i am soooo glad to be here!
now let me tell you my tale!
had an appt with consultant yesterday at the antenatal clinic. great stuff i thought, will be able to check things are going as they should!
anyway, i got there at my time (10.30) to meet the receptionist from hell. what a mare, she wanted to put my partner down as my next of kin, she didn't ask if i even had one first, and as some of you know he is away till late jan working abroad. so i said put my mum till end of jan, she said no i want to put partner does he live with you? and i said again to put my mum and she said well i want to put partnerso i was getting p***ed with her and said you can put whoever you want down but you can't ring him so i will have to stay fine till the end of jan won't i?
the look she gave me! i was so embarressed and the lady booking in next to me looked at me with great pity, i get the feeling she thought i hadn't got one and didn't want to say.
well, eventually got my mum put down and moved to the seating for one hour and ten mins, at which point a health care assistant called me to do a pee and plonked me back on different seats for another hour. i then had the cheek to ask how long i would be and another healthcare said theres four before you so i said well how long roughly? i was being polite and not being crappy but she said sarcastically well they might have problems and they might not with a big grin on her face and walked off. i was not happy. at this point i will add that unbeknown to them i work for that same hospital and haven't ever come across that rudeness before.
when i was finally called in, the registrar only did my blood pressure and said off you go then, i said no chance, i haven't waited over two hours for that and burst out crying! the reg was quite concerned and i told her about my staff experiences and she said report them and i said i will and then out of thin air got the chief midwife and head receptionist in my cubicle trying to head off a complaint!
the end result was that they said sorry, i got an extra scan and the staff got a rollocking.
now let me state that i am not a whiner, i know how long things take and that staff get rushed ect but theres no need to be rude or quiz people because not everyone has a partner for lots of reasons. i am just sad that i was treated like a number and not a person and i think the total of three and half hours for a straightforward antenatal visit is a bit unacceptable. DF called me yesterday and i told him theres no way i am having a hospital birth, wasn't that keen before (having worked on their labour ward) but defo not now and as long as things are fine i will stop at home because i don't wish to experience that again! i only have to go back for scans now so that will do me fine!
is it just me?
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Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 9:49am

Blimey what a crap experience for you! I would have been furious had that been me! I get angry when they keep me waiting 20 mins without apologising! If I were you I would write an extremely strong worded letter to the director of midwifery in your area expressing how utterly disappointed you are in the service and the standard of care (or lack thereof) you have received. in this day and age, it is just totally unacceptable.

I hope future appointments don't go like this for you hun!
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Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 10:05am

I can't believe it, but I must say I had similiar experiences. Why give you an appointment time if youo then have to wait 3 hours to be seen?
I do feel like we are numbers and they just want to tick their boxes and move on.



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Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 10:09am

My hospital antenatal care was like this. Hours and hours of waiting around only to be hurried off home after two minutes with a healthcare professional, never seeing the same midwife twice and being treated like they were doing me a favour. I was heartily unimpressed at the level of care offered.

If you have a normal pregnancy there's no reason why you shouldn't stay at home to have your baby. It's amazing how differently you are treated when you're in your own home.



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Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 10:20am

One of the BIG reasons I plan to stay at home :D

I hope your future appointments go better.


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