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Monday, December 15th 2008, 8:43pm

early ivf baby

hi i am a bit concerned. i have been reading about ivf babies and looking at facts and figures about weather babies come early. do ivf babies come early, weighing less? does anyone know? i am 36 weeks pregnant and have had real bad bh for 2 days and am wondering if i am in labour or not. i have diarreah as well. please help. anyone else had this?



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Monday, December 15th 2008, 8:48pm


The NHS say…tionsofIVF.aspx


Fears of complications with IVF babies dismissed in new study is the headline in The Guardian. Research based on 1.2 million births in Norway looked at the babies of women who had conceived once by IVF and once spontaneously. It found little difference between the siblings, and concludes that the risks associated with IVF are likely to be related to existing fertility problems in the parents and not a result of techniques used during assisted fertilisation, the newspaper explains.

This large study used complex statistical methods to try to tease out the risks related to the various factors. It is reliable and should be reassuring to women undergoing IVF. However, it is important to note that the risks of complications in an individual birth are in fact quite low (around 1% perinatal deaths in this study).

and here is the original story… which comments on weight issues amongst other things.

You might find it helpful to have a look through the whole thing.

But in terms of what you are experiencing at the moment, if you are at all worried I would give your maternity ward a call and ask their advice.


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  • "dsk" started this thread

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Monday, December 15th 2008, 9:56pm

thanks for that. the pains are worse so will phone i think, x



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Monday, December 15th 2008, 10:21pm

Hi dsk

I would give the hospital a ring and i'm sure they will ask you to pop down and get checked out.
However, don't panic as at 36 weeks your baby will be very well developed so if he/she is coming then i'm sure everything will be fine!

Braxton hicks can come and go and some can be painful but this does not necessarily mean that you are in labour. I was in hospital this weekend with BH's at 33 weeks and was allowed home 24 hours later.

Good luck :smile:

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