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Thursday, May 18th 2006, 3:04pm

Blood Pressure

What is a normal reading for blood pressure - does anyone know a good website that i can have look at to see what i should be on or if my reading is ok / normal.

my pressure was taken on Monday and is 100/80




Thursday, May 18th 2006, 3:06pm

had mine done today and it's 110/60 (I think) which is normal, apparently. Yours sounds ok.




Thursday, May 18th 2006, 3:07pm

found this:|fr=|r

  • "kizzy" started this thread

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Thursday, May 18th 2006, 3:09pm

thanks Jen !

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Thursday, May 18th 2006, 6:04pm

I dont know if this will help but my midwife has said mine has been perfect all through my pregnancy so I will tell you mine:

12wks - 104/60
15wks - 100/60
21wks - 100/60
27wks - 110/60
31wks - 90/60
34wks - 118/80
36wks - 120/80

I am not sure what it all means, but apparantly these were all ok. I have never suffered with high or abnormal BP.

Midwife has put on my notes to watch BP as my last reading is slightly high. That website above says that 120/80 is optimal BP, so maybe it depends on what your individual BP is and maybe todays reading is slightly higher than normal for me.

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Thursday, May 18th 2006, 6:45pm

Normal blood pressure is 120/70 xxx
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Thursday, May 18th 2006, 6:57pm

Hi Kizzy

Your blood pressure is great, for pregnant women it is normally lower in the 1st and 2nd Trimester. The main worry is late in 2nd or at any time in 3rd that the bottom figure (diastole) increases above 90mmhg or by 20mmhg or more to what it has been e.g at the mo yours was 100/80 so if it rises above say 100/90 they might want to monitor you, but your blood pressure dose fluctuate all the time, factors like rushing for your app or just had some caffine make your BP Rise.

I had pre eclamsia with my last pg, my bp until the 3rd trimester was around 90/60 (as it was today) but at 34 weeks it was 220/110!! obviously a rise like this is a bit more than caffine or stress!!

I wouldn't worry in pregnancy anything betwwen 85/60 to 130/85 is noramal, as long as you feel OK in yourself, believe me you would feel unwell if it is to high or to low.

Hope this helps


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  • "kizzy" started this thread

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Friday, May 19th 2006, 10:59am

thanks ladies !

also found out i have pretty rare blood group ! AB pos !