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Sunday, March 11th 2018, 1:08pm

That is do disappointing for you ashastar, thinking about you.

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Sunday, March 11th 2018, 9:25pm

Thanks everyone for the kind words. Feeling a bit down about it all tonight.

Little orchid, do you know do we get a review appointment as part of the private fet or do we have to pay extra if we want one? The form I have to send back asks if I want a review and I wouldn't mind having a chat with the consultant to see if they think it would be worth our while having any further treatment. If I have to pay for it though I'd probably consider going elsewhere.

JMcK, hope you are keeping well xx

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Sunday, March 11th 2018, 9:48pm

Sorry to read this Ashatar. I know how disappointed you’re feeling. I hope you are looking after yourself. Xx

JMCK- really pleased for you on your positive result. You’ve had a long road to get where you are and please God all works out for you xx

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Wednesday, March 14th 2018, 10:25pm

Hi Ashastar,

Yeah the review is included in the price of our FET so you won’t have extra to pay. I rang to find out how long the waiting time for reviews, I thought it might be 12 weeks. But the admin staff said it wouldn’t be that long for private, they had received my letter and were waiting to get the consultants diary to book me in. I haven’t heard anything yet. Like you Ashastar, I want their opinion on further treatment. I am hoping they will give us impartial advice as I feel ivf is such big business, that clinics will try and sell you ‘the dream’. So in the meantime I have spoken with my gp to get my bloods done and my partners sperm sample. The gp doesn’t do AMH, but he wrote me a letter to get this done privately. Just waiting to see if my cycle has returned to normal as I need this tested on a particular day of my cycle. Might be chancing my arm, but hoping I will have these results to my review to see how much things have declined in the three years since my treatment. If things look dire, it might help me make a decision about the future/ come to terms with it.

If I go ahead, I have decided on a particular clinic. And If we get any embryos, I hope to have them genetically screened (pgs) to help avoid miscarriage/ implantation failure. Maybe clutching at straws! It is nowhere as expensive as treatment here. We still can’t afford it, but I feel I would regret not trying. But I am also realistic that the odds are most definitely not on our side. It is a difficult decision.

JMCK - hope all is going well for you, and you don’t have to wait too much longer for your scan.

Take care girls x