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Tuesday, January 22nd 2013, 9:07pm

Pain during pregnancy???

Hi all,

I am writing/asking this on behalf of a friend. She is 10 weeks pregnant with her 2nd child (conceived naturally). Her 1st baby was born via a c-section.

In this pregnancy, she is in alot of pain, feels like a pressure pain especially when she is sitting down for long periods of time or if she needs to go to the toilet.

Her doctor told her, that her uterus is tilted forwards (anteverted).. Does anyone know if this can cause pain in pregnancy?

Her doctors are not much help but have tested for any infections which was clear

Could anyone give her advice on this?

Thanks :-)

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Tuesday, January 22nd 2013, 9:12pm

I had pain like this when I was about 19 weeks pregnant until I was about 23 weeks and ended up on the labour ward at 23 weeks having a cervical examination as a result (all was OK thankfully). I also have a tilted uterus. Whether this caused the pain or if the 2 were unrelated though I have no idea, the doctor told me my pain was probably due to all the ligaments stretching etc but of course that was me and it might be an idea for her to get checked at the EPU if she is worried. Hope all turns out OK for her.

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