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Sunday, October 30th 2011, 4:11pm

Newborn not sleeping between 10pm and 4am

Hi all,

Dylan is 2 weeks old today, and since we brought him home, he doesnt sleep between 10pm and 4am. He is very grizzly, and he throws his little arms around and make's noises like he is irritated. We dont do anything different when putting him down after a feed, but he just will not settle. He sleeps really well during the day and feeds well (formula fed every 3 hours).

Any ideas? He may even be too young to work out the difference between night and day, we are just really struggling with the sleepness nights!

Also, we have been waking him every 3 hours during the day to feed, but are now wondering if we should feed on demand? Or is it too early to expect him to get into a routine anyway?

Your help would be appreciated, I am sure some of you have been there!!

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Sunday, October 30th 2011, 4:46pm


Do not stress just yet. He's been in the world 2 weeks and so he won't have any idea what day or night is.

We fed on demand and she got herself into a routine on her own but again 2 weeks is so so early to think about routines. It wasn't until LO was a good few weeks old.

Are you feedin him throughout the night too? His little body will be too little to go too long without a feed. They feed often at this age and then feed more frequently during growth spurts.

If he sleeps well during the day it may be that he's learning and just adjusting to the outside world.

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Sunday, October 30th 2011, 10:16pm

Ho Hon

I find my little un can suffer with wind in the very late eve early morn, more than at any other time. Strange I know. Could be that we are not as good at winding when we are completley zonked. Try gripewater. It worked for us anyway.


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Tuesday, November 1st 2011, 10:48am

they do tend to get a 'build up' of wind at the end of the day

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Tuesday, November 1st 2011, 9:30pm

Late evening is often a problem for small babies and no one really knows why. Little babies shouldn't go too long between feeds so if you're breastfeeding then at this age 3 hourly is the maximum he should be going (I can't advise on bottle feeding as I have experience) when you wake him during the day be stimulating and chatty, feed him in a light area and keep his sleeping area light and reasonably noisy (having him in the same room as you is sufficient as long as you don't tiptoe around him he'll learn quickly to sleep through normal noise) if you can encourage him to stay awake for a little while after feeding then so much the better but don't force him babies need about 18 hours sleep at his age, if he's getting it all during the day then he won't want to sleep so well at night.

Even though he can't learn it yet start a bedtime routine anyway, maybe a bath, baby massage and a story before a feed and then down in a nice dark quiet room, he may not be able to learn it quite yet but if you have one in place now then it's there for when he can learn it. If he wakes at 10pm then feed him and put him back down as you usually would. If he won't sleep then just keep trying, keep him dark and quiet and try not to get upset (I freely admit I didn't follow that bit of advice myself as i spent many nights in buckets of tears in the early hours of the morning) It might take a while but persistance is they key, also personally I would say to ignore people who say that you should let them fall asleep on their own, use any means necessary in the early days you can sort out any dependancies later when he's older and you're not so sleep deprived. What works for one baby may not work for another so try rocking, letting him suck something (finger or dummy whatever his preference is), swaddling, bouncing even dancing to the spice girls in the total darkness at 3am (yes it did work eventually). Chin up, I know that right now you probably think you'll never sleep again and will possibly go insane with sleep depravation but it does get better.

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Wednesday, November 2nd 2011, 9:24pm

I agree with Grace, perserverence is the key. Char would not settle between 9pm and 12am at first but I was determined to get her bed time at 7pm, it took about 2 weeks of sitting in her room all evening trying to settle her but it gradualy got earlier and earlier and she now goes down at 7pm and sleeps for between 8 and 10 hours. I bf on demand so am unsure about when and how much to bottle feed but I am convinced that they will set their own routines and with both of mine I have just gone with the flow and fed them when they were hungry. Babies up to 6 weeks old need to sleep every 45mins - 1 hour so bear that in mind for his daytime naps, it goes up to 1 hr - 1.5 hrs after 6 weeks and they should be getting between 14 and 18 hours sleep over a 24 hour period.

I know it is such a difficult time but please believe me that it WILL get easier and it will happen before you know it, just hang on in there as it about to get AMAZING.

Oh, have you tried swaddling him, I have done this with both of mine and swear by it, they both instantly slept better and for longer. I also played the same nursery rhymes every night and found that is a great sleep trigger, in fact I still use it with William who is almost 3.

Good luck sweetie


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Thursday, November 3rd 2011, 1:32pm

Hi Hun,

Congratulations firstly on your little newborn :D I so know where you are coming from, as I remember too well the unsettled evenings when my LO was tiny. He started suffering with colic at about 2/3 weeks, but I didn't have a clue about it until I went to see a very lovely lady at my local children's centre. I was bf-ing initially, but had to switch to formula at 6 weeks. I was given this link to look at, which really helped me feel I wasn't alone and also gave me practical ideas of what to do to make it easier on all of us. I know there's nothing worse than feeling like you can't help your baby settle, especially when youve not had any sleep. :: My baby is fussy! Is something wrong? (* This link is not endorsed by FZ)

Your LO will settle in time and learn night from day, they're clever little things :) but is probably just getting used to being on the outside world at the moment. Lots of love, hugs from mummy and Daddy will all help them feel safe and secure.

Big :hugs:


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Thursday, November 3rd 2011, 9:24pm


swaddling really helped with Molly, stops her flailing her little arms around and waking herself up

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Sunday, November 6th 2011, 9:45pm

sorry to put a point across, but you say baby is only 2 wks old. i breastfed my last baby and my h/v told me not to introduce a dummy for at least 6 wks as it could interfere with the breastfeeding. sorry.

swaddling was good for my lo's and also a blackout blind. can get them from mothercare. other than that as the rest have said perserverance is key. although i wouldnt worry too much about routines yet. the best piece of advice my mum gave me when i started on the parenting road was "when your baby sleeps, you sleep"

my house looks like a bomb site for the first 6 months (not dangerous, just very very livrd in lol) cos every time my nipper fell asleep, i'd snuggle down as well. made those sleepless nights a bit easier to bear :smile: .

just enjoy this new adventure.

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Sunday, November 6th 2011, 9:48pm

oops sorry just reread your post, forget the dummy thing, its not a problem :O .

After a long hard infertility journey, i am now reluctantly done