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Tuesday, October 4th 2011, 9:31pm

Approaching that time, getting worried


I started to MC at 11weeks but when scaned everything had died around 6-7 weeks :tear:

I will be 7 weeks tomorrow and now getting very anxious, this time round my boobs are more tender than before so I guess thats all a good sign but I dread going to the toilet just incase it happens again.

I am strongly considering paying for a scan to be done in the next few weeks but I know come the day I will be a reck just incase nothing is there.

Just feeling very mixed up [zx128]
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Tuesday, October 4th 2011, 9:55pm

Hun I personally can't comment on your particular situation as I have never been there, but you must relax worrying would not help Hun although I know it easier said than done. If having a scan would put tour mind at ease then do so, but I think you should just hang fire sounds like everything going great this time just try to take time to relax and enjoy this pregnancy. Good luck and big hugs xxxxxxxxxx [zx127]


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Tuesday, October 4th 2011, 10:11pm

Oh love,

understandibully this is a difficult time for you, but as mistykins says you really must try to remain possitive... worrying will only cause you and your healthy baby much stress. I too have not been in your personal situation, but again as mistykins says (shes always right that one :snigger:) if it would make you feel more at ease go have the scan, i appreciate that this would be a big step for you to take, but im sure you would feel much better having taken it to be told your baby is fine and settling in to your womb just fine.

look at it like this.... your going to the scan because you want to follow your babies every bit of progress, so you can express just how much he/she ment to you when he/she was developing.. get as many pics as poss and your child will be extra special when sharing their story and photos of theirselfs developing to friends at school... coz that IS what will happen, because there is now no room for negititivity in his/her mummys mind.

chin up hun..... your going to be a mummy xx
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