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  • "ellabella" started this thread

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Sunday, January 9th 2011, 7:20pm

When did you start to show?

Please can I ask other twin mums when they started to show? I don't want to tell work for as long as possible but I'm assuming that my bump will come sooner than my friends with singletons. Xx
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Sunday, January 9th 2011, 7:32pm

Hi Ellabella
First congratulations on expecting twins amazing!
I managed to keep my little bump to myself for 14wks with the help of a few loose fitting tops, then literally within 2wks boom hello bump!!
I'm now just entering my 18th week and there's no hiding it!!
It can also depend on your size and height I guess.. I'm 5.1 and size 8..
Wishing you all the best for a happy healthy pregnancy :) xx

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Sunday, January 9th 2011, 7:42pm

Mrs C started to show around 13-14weeks.
She hid it by wearing size 12 clothes instead of size 10.

I guess it varies depending on peoples shapes etc.

Good luck ellabella :)
(Our first cycles coincided in April 2009, so glad you got lucky!!)

Mr C
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Sunday, January 9th 2011, 11:26pm

hello and congratulations.
My swelling from egg collection never dissapeared!! Just turned striaght into a bump. Although when I had the babies at 29 weeks i seemed tiny, people did not believe there wer two in there. I am 5'10 though and was a size 16.
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Monday, January 10th 2011, 11:25am

Hi Ellabella congratulations!!

I started to show about 14-15 weeks, I'm 5'7" and was a size 12.



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Monday, January 10th 2011, 11:55am

I"m not sure really. I thought I looked pregnant from about 10 weeks but I think I had a good 6 weeks of 'is she fat or is she pregnant'. There's definitely a stage where it will be ambiguous and you'll just look like you've hit the pies. Other people started noticing when I was about 16 weeks and that's only when I told them, and people didn't start giving up their seats on public transport until about 20 weeks.
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Monday, January 10th 2011, 12:09pm

Hey you! I'm (actually "was") 164cm and a size 8. I started a new job at 10 weeks and had to buy maternity clothes for that as everything was too tight. But I suppose I could still cover it up then. I think i started to show around week 13-14, but maybe cause I'm small framed. Oh, that seemed forever ago. DH was showing me photos tonight of what I used to look like. Man, I'll never have a belly like that again. :cross: But I wouldn't change a thing!! xxxx
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Monday, January 10th 2011, 2:53pm

my bump was obvious at 12 weeks, we met up with some friends and everyone kept asking when I was due, the waitress told me I couldn't have the free shot, and I asked DH 'how does everyone know?' as I had no idea it was that obvious. we hadn't even wanted to tell people then either as it was before the 12 week scan ( mine waas at 13 weeks). oh and I'm 5'6" (and a half :) ) and was about a size 12.

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Tuesday, January 11th 2011, 1:37pm

I had a definate bump from about 10 weeks, but i think i looked more fat than pregnant!!!! I think as this was my 2cd pregnancy i expanded quite quick and by 14 weeks definatley looked pregnant and was in maternity clothes.
I go onto another twins forum on a different site where people post pics of their bumps and it seems to vary so much, there have been women with twins who are 20wks and still have hardly any bump at all then otheres that are just massive at 20wks!!!!

Good luck with everything


  • "ellabella" started this thread

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Tuesday, January 11th 2011, 9:18pm

Thanks guys, I was hoping not to tell work till i'm 16 weeks so I'll let you know how I'm coming along xx
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Wednesday, January 12th 2011, 10:29pm

Congratulations Ellabella! I bought my first maternity jeans at 15 weeks as was fed up with using a bump band, and once I was in maternity clothes I definitely had a bump (I was 5ft 7 size 10/12), I think they emphasise the bump more. With some careful dressing of loose tops you may get away with no one noticing until 16 wks but of course everyone is different. It is so exciting seeing your bump grow, enjoy every minute, it won't be long now! :) x

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Friday, January 14th 2011, 2:07pm

I got away with wearing clothes in a bigger size from about week 10 - week 14, then had to get maternity clothes as ordinary clothes even if they are in a bigger size just don't fit right - for me anyway. x

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Monday, January 17th 2011, 9:43am

I was week 20 due to a lot of sickiness!!!
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Monday, January 24th 2011, 8:50pm

Hey hon

I felt I showed quite early but I remember meeting my family at about 13 weeks and expecting *what a big bump* comments only to be disappointed by *you just look like you've eaten too many cakes!* comments.... :rolleyes: I was probably at that stage where strangers might think I was pregnant but wouldn't be so bold as to congratulate .....just in case :snigger:

I was hoping not to tell work till i'm 16 weeks

You might get away with it, but it will depend on what you normally wear. `If you're a loose fitting top, baggy trousers kinda girl then yeah but anything fitted will (i think) show a bump by 16 weeks. Check out my 16 wk preggie pic on fb - most definitely looking preggers!

Enjoy your bump growing, the early weeks were fab thumbup


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Monday, January 24th 2011, 9:45pm

Congratulations Hun!

I started to show about 10 weeks, when I told my work at 12 weeks they all said it was obvious anyway due to my tummy :snigger:

Enjoy every minute, growing two fabby babies is the best ever :)

MM xx

:girl: :girl:

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