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Tuesday, January 11th 2011, 8:38pm

Clothes for Newborn Twins

Hello ladies,

This is probably aimed more for Mum's who already have twins...I have started purchasing clothes for our little bubbas, but I have no idea whether we should be buying sizes for newborns, or for tiny baby. I don't want to buy too many "tiny baby" sizes only to find they out grow these clothes within a few weeks, but also don't want to buy the newborn sizes and the babies look like they are drowning in them.

Any ideas would be really appreciated xxxx

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Tuesday, January 11th 2011, 8:48pm

Hi Nicci,

I had a few of everything. I had about 10 tiny baby grows and they were well used for a few weeks - we took this size to hospital with us and glad we did or they would have been drowning in newborn size! Mine were 5lb1oz and 6lb 7oz so reasonable sizes. Depending on how good you are at doing laundry and whether you have a tumble drier are all factors to consider too - if you don't have a drier I'd buy a few more. I never imagined just how many clothes changes we'd get through each day!!

If you have a local twins group I'd recommend getting in touch as there'll be loads of people clambering to give away all the tiny and newborn stuff!



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Tuesday, January 11th 2011, 10:16pm

Our Prince and Princess made an early arrival so didnt need clothes for a while.
They were then in up to 3lb, then up to 4lb, then tiny, then early then newborn at 5 months i think.
I am not saying this to worry you!!! I ahve a box of all their small clothes, i like to look at them every now and again and its so hard to remmeber them so small which goes for any baby.
So i would say buy a few early baby bits even if they are in them for just a few weeks at least you have the reminder to look back on as you do forget.
Congratulations on your twin bump x
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Wednesday, January 12th 2011, 10:18pm

Hi Nicci, I didn't want to buy much before my girls were born (and I also didn't know their gender!) so we just bought a few (about 6) sleepsuits and vests in tiny baby and newborn sizes, and a couple of white cardies, with a plan to buy more clothes as soon as the babies arrived. As my babies were 4lbs3oz and 5lbs8oz even the tiny baby clothes were too big for them but fortunately my family were able to dash out to the shops and buy lots more tiny clothes for us which I was so grateful for as we did use them for a couple of months (I think I needed about 12 suits & vests at the beginning). Do you have anyone who can get you more clothes quickly if you need? I agree that it's silly to have too many small clothes and it be a waste. Hopefully your babies will be a good size and you won't need too many tiny clothes - if you do, we found that the mamas & papas petit petit bebe suits were the smallest we could get hold of but most babies will be too big for them!

Re the tumbledrier issue - I have managed without one this winter as the clothes are small and I have plenty of radiators but next year I think it will be essential!
Good luck, I'm very excited for you :) x

p.s. try NCT nearly new sales - they are awesome and the tiny baby clothes there will either be new or used very little

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Thursday, January 13th 2011, 8:30am

my boys were 5lb8 oz and 6 lb 1oz approx ( their weights were in kg ) . the smallest wore tiny baby for a week or so, both were then in early baby for a while. newborn size was way too big for them at the beginning. as they were reasonable weights, I'd recommend getting at least some stuff in the size smaller than newborn ( which seems to be named differently depending which shop you get them from! )

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Thursday, January 13th 2011, 10:38am

My girls were 6lb 13 and 6lb 11 and wore tiny baby for a few weeks due to both going down to 6lb. The sizes are all confusing and are different in each shop. 0-3 months are massive so you will need some newborn first. You are better buying cheaper ones as they don't last long. Good luck x

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