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Friday, September 17th 2010, 8:49pm

Electric Heaters


I've been using an electric heater under my desk at work as my office is really cold, but now am thinking is it really safe?

I'm not at my desk all day, but it has been keeping me toasty! Should I stop using it and could any harm have been done so far?


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Saturday, September 18th 2010, 10:22am

I'm not sure it causes any issues as long as you're not overheating yourself. I am sure I read somewhere that embryos don't like sudden increases and decreases in internal body temperature so I guess as long as you're not sweltering I would assume it's okay? Perhaps you could turn it on at intervals during the day so you don't overheat? Who knows? I do sometimes think we all worry too much and most women wouldn't even think about it as an issue.....having said that we would be gutted if we did something wrong! So difficult!
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Saturday, September 18th 2010, 12:48pm

Unless you're sitting in a room so hot that you're gasping for air, sweating profusely and getting close to cooking yourself alive (think Gas Mark 3) ... you have nothing to worry about.

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Sunday, September 19th 2010, 11:05am

Would have thought its fine, aslong as you dont feel as if you are overheating.

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Sunday, September 19th 2010, 12:48pm

Hi Nikki - I have one under my desk in work too as it freezing! and we bought one for our living room and bedroom as we're on oil C/H in our house and its a pain when we run out so we got them for now - God I didn't even know about any harm being done! Like the others say, aslong as we're not passing out I think we're fine - and I only have them on once or twice, not all day :)
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