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Thursday, February 18th 2010, 6:24pm

Tummy Bug ????????

Hi there, sorry in advance if this is long-winded.....

I am currently 13.5 weeks pregnant and have had no morning sickness, however I woke up on sunday feeling abit off, unfortunately I was violently sick for 12 hours also with tummy ache, i went to docs on monday (did feel alittle brighter) and he said that because i didnt have diarrhea he thought that it was hormonal rather than a bug, my temperature and blood pressure was fine and my urine was tested as ok, (I had had nothing to eat but was continuing to drink) however on tuesday I felt even worse and began throwing up again and had diarrhea through the night, I went back to docs yesterday and he suggested a bug (gastroenteritis) and he gave me anti-diarrhea tablets, but as I hadnt had the runs since the morning i decided against taking the tablets.
I guess this is probably what it has been (although OH has been fine) but I'm really worried about baby and any damage that may have been done, how will I know if baby is ok, I still cannot face food (which is not like me at all) i have just managed to force a slice of toast down today, but I am managing to drink my fluids, my tummy feels like its doing somersaults constantly, can anyone help please.

Like i say i'm sorry this is long-winded but I am so frightened for baby.

thanks xxx



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Thursday, February 18th 2010, 7:49pm

Hi Fitness girl,
I had a sickness and diarrhoea bug for 2 days just when i was around 12/13 weeks. I didn;t go to the doctor as I knew it was a bug coz my DH had it a few days previously.
My baby has been fine and wasn't affected by it at all. I'm 21 weeks on Saturday and I can feel my little Rusty kicking now.
Your baby is so well protected inside you sweetie and you will be the one affected but not your baby and he/she will make sure that it gets exactly what it needs.
If you are still worried just ask your mw for more reassurance, but I promise your baby will be fine.
I hope that you're feeling better soon.

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Sunday, February 21st 2010, 10:10pm

Hi Fitness Girl. Sorry to hear you've been poorly - hope you're feeling better now.

Landi's right - your baby is tucked up snugly inside you and you'll be the one to feel poorly rather than him or her.

If you have any concerns still then chat to your midwife as she'll be able to offer support and advice.

Wishing you a happy and healthy remainder of your pregnancy.


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Sunday, February 21st 2010, 10:39pm

Fitness Girl,a similar thing happened to me during my first pregnancy (something to do with eating a dodgy profiterole). DD is now a fit and fiesty 3 year old. I know its easy to say this but please try not to worry, your baby is very well protected and fortunately and unfortunately, its mum who feels the worst of it.

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