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Wednesday, February 10th 2010, 5:19pm

general pregnancy questions

Hi all well i have a few pregnancy questions as my midwife is poo.

1.when does baby normally drop (im nearly 36 weeks and struggling to breathe now)

2.I am due on a friday but they count my full weeks on a sunday so i asked her that and she said its a bit strange but i dont know?

3.How big should my hospital bag be as mine is huge and its only got baby stuff in and im worried the midwives will laugh cause ive took to much or a suitcase is a bit OTT.

4.I see my midwife at my g.p surgery and she is form a different hospital than the one where i am having baby at,so do i need to see them soon or just stay with this midwife?

Any info would be greatly appreciated

love zoe xx

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Wednesday, February 10th 2010, 5:41pm

Hi Zoe

Wow, your pregnancy has sped by!

Can't answer all your questions but............

Most community midwives have close links and/or work with the local hospital. If yours doesn't and you're worried, flag it up at your next appointment.

Hospital bag - bet you they've seen it all before! Take what you want but remember the space around your bed is limited and you don't want to be tripping over bags/stuff all the time!

Think it varies when babies drop and that 36 weeks isn't out of the ordinary.

Don't get how they're counting your weeks. If you're due on a Friday then your full week would be on a Friday too?!

Hope that helps a little!


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Wednesday, February 10th 2010, 5:48pm


I'm 36 +4 today and baby hasn't dropped!! It is apparently anytime from now!!

I have no idea why they count your full weeks on a sunday?! It should be from the dating scan you had at 12 weeks. This gives your estimated due date. I'm due on a Saturday and its counted from that.

I have 2 bags!! I've got a little suitcase on wheels for me with pjs, slippers, towels, wash stuff, pads, and a small bag for baby with about 4 baby grows, 3 sleepsuits, a towel, nappies, a little 'coming home' outfit and a snowsuit thing, hat and mitts and a blanket. If I need anything else DH will bring it for me. I know there isn't much room around the beds on the ward like Jodie said so I'm limiting myself to these!!

I see a community midwife and haven't met anyone who will actually be delivering the baby at the hospital. I don't think you need to see them as they will have all your notes. Just make sure you take your care plan with you when you go in.

Hope this helps a bit!?

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Thursday, February 11th 2010, 9:29pm

Hello! The girls round here are great aren't they!

1) Baby can drop any time now, but may not until the last days. Urgh! Help them find their way - hands and knees are good to let bub have a bit of movement, hopefully in the downward motion - since everything is getting nicely snug in there now!

2) That seems very very strange - ask them!

3) The midwives won't laugh - they've seen it all. You really don't need a huge amount tho! A couple of "first" outfits and a few bits and bobs. Leave the rest of it at home, and send the family back for it when you are running low. They will feel useful, and hopefully do some washing for you as well!

4) You can stay with your local midwife without any problems. You can always call the maternity unit and see if you can go and have a look around - might make you feel a bit more comfortable.

The very best of luck - I hope these next weeks are as comfy as they can be!
Little Miss:xxx3:
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Thursday, February 11th 2010, 10:06pm

Agree My Lo didnt engage til I was induced and was 3cm.
My hospital bag was waaaaaay too overpacked I couldnt even lift it :snigger: I expected a long stay but only ended up being in a short while so didnt need half of what I took. Make sure you have lots of maternity pads, I used a whole pack a day for around a week. Include carigans and hats for LO as I didnt and they wanted me to wrap him up warm as his temp was a little low and I ended up having to dress him in the hospital ones.
Question 4, I delivered 45 miles away from home and so was a totally different MW, As long as you have your notes and discuss everything with MW who is looking after you at the time it will be fine, I had same worries as I have a medical conition that made things a little different from the norm but everything was fine just took 10 mins to explain what wasnt in my notes.

Goo luck hun