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Tuesday, October 27th 2009, 12:08pm

25 week check up measuring a bit small

Hi all

I have just been for my 25 week check up and all seems ok, LO was getting very excited when they listened to the hb and kept kicking the machine! however I am only measuring 23cm which they said is a little on the small side, however things could change and they will see what I meausre at my next meeting at 28 weeks. Also it could be that I am carrying low (I seem to be) I cant help feeling worried now, I know there is a long way to go and things can change but I cant help worrying he might not be a big as he should be?

I was going to book a 3D scan for in 2-3 weeks time but dont know if to hold off now?

anyone had similar experience? x

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Tuesday, October 27th 2009, 12:29pm

RE: 25 week check up measuring a bit small

It can be very hard to get an accurate measurement/indication of baby's size, by using the tape measure (is this how your mw measured you?). There are lots of things that could affect the measurement, and I know there are other ladies on here who have been worried after being told similar to you, but everything was fine.

I know it is hard not to worry, but it sounds like your baby is very happy and active in there! If there are any concerns at your next appt, your mw may send you along for a scan, where they can have a look at the baby/do some measurements. (My friend was told she was measuring small, went along for a scan, and everything was fine, just a reassuring story there).
However, even scans aren't always completely accurate in determining the baby's size, but they can give a bit more detail etc.

Here's a thread, with a bit more info about differing measurements. The original question is about measuring bigger than weeks, but it has some useful info about measuring etc:

Fundal height measurements





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Tuesday, October 27th 2009, 12:47pm

Oh goodness, nothing to worry about at all!!! I really wish they wouldn't worry women with those blasted tape measures X(

Measuring a stomach with a tape measure while a baby spins around inside is VERY hit and miss. Sure, if a woman has gallons of amniotic fluid or if her belly's as flat as a pancake they need a figure to jot down in the notes but really.. just over a centimetre?? I could eat the contents of my breadbin and gain a couple of centimetres there!!

Have a look at the thread Compley's given you. ;)