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Tuesday, May 21st 2013, 1:25pm

Author: Kitty

Any info/advice on breastfeeding?

The others have given some fabulous advice. I only have a couple of things to add. Firstly, if you are really keen then it's very important that you get your DH on board - or, in fact, find out exactly how he feels about it and, if he has any doubts talk about them sensibly and see whether you think they can be overcome or if you feel he has made a good point which changes how you feel about it. FInd out if you can go to an ante-natal breastfeeding training session with your DH so he can learn a...

Monday, March 4th 2013, 9:01pm

Author: Kitty

Like I've never been away...

Hullo, Mrs Jasper - how very very lovely to see you again! So, what's new in the Jasper household?

Friday, January 18th 2013, 10:31pm

Author: Kitty

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to Scaredy Cat! You've chosen yourself a good name there - almost everyone who joins feels very similar to how you do right now, but usually with time, things do start to feel a lot better and much less frightening, I promise. Really it all comes down to it being such a journey into the unknown, and of course the outcome you are working towards is so loaded with hope and expectation, which doesn't help. Don't be afraid to ask your clinic if you have questions, but also don't be surprised...

Monday, December 17th 2012, 11:03am

Author: Kitty

Just started out on our journey to start a family!

Hi there and welcome to ! This is a fantastic site and you will get lots of support and information from the ladies - and gentlemen! - on here. Polly Pocket has given you some great links to some particularly useful areas where you will find plenty of answers to any questions you may have however if you can't find an answer or have a particular question do please ask away because there is always someone out there who will be able to help! Even when you know you are going to need some help it's s...

Thursday, October 25th 2012, 3:23pm

Author: Kitty

Down Regulating with Buserelin injections - no side effects yet

It takes a while for any side effects to kick in, and some people have more than others. A few lucky people don't get any! So please don't panic, I am sure you are fine.

Thursday, October 25th 2012, 3:21pm

Author: Kitty

Whooping Cough in toddlers *alert*

Poor William! I do hope he keeps on a good road to recovery now (no reason why he shouldn't!). Well done on being persistent and thanks for the heads up. Funny about the size of boys' and girls' airways - wonder why that is, then?!

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012, 10:24am

Author: Kitty

IVF...... Anyone waiting to go to 1st appointment....

Hi there, I believe Polly Pocket gave you some links to other useful threads on the forum. There is a cycle buddies section HERE where you can chat to ladies going through treatment at the same time as you. I found it very useful just looking through one of these threads when I first joined, before I knew when I was going to start my tx. It gave me a good overview of the sorts of things that may happen during a treatment cycle, so I was quite well prepared beforehand! Once you do know your dates...

Thursday, August 16th 2012, 8:51pm

Author: Kitty

Car Seat Pull Along Trolley Thingy!

Here it is, Honey Baby Wheeleasy, Baby and Toddler Out and About, Products (Link not endorsed by FZ)

Tuesday, July 31st 2012, 10:34pm

Author: Kitty

Hi. New to site. From NI

Hi and welcome I hope you like it on here, we have very friendly and supportive members that are sure to make your TTC journey that little bit easier, I hope you feel right at home with us all soon. It is daunting, realising that you seem to need help doing what is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world, but don't worry, you have come to a great place! Do ask any questions - there are lots of lovely ladies here who will be happy to share their experiences and help as much as they can...

Thursday, July 19th 2012, 9:00pm

Author: Kitty

TTTS- so very scared for our little beans

I'll be thinking about you all tomorrow and hope all goes well. x

Tuesday, June 26th 2012, 8:03pm

Author: Kitty


Quoted from "Curlytails" Does anyone know if expressed milk comes out at the same rate as when the baby is BF? CT, no, expressing is no reflection of how fast your milk flows when bfing, or how much baby gets. BFing is hugely psychological and your brain can most definitely tell the difference between Isaac and a pump! Don't ever compare the two, because you'll just get dejected, for no good reason. Quoted from "cheenab" Would Zachary be able to recognise me and dp in a photo??!! Cheenab, I'm n...

Monday, June 4th 2012, 9:49pm

Author: Kitty


CT, I'm not an expert but I think Isaac is still so new he's not really what you could call a 'spotty baby', his skin is just adjusting to the world outside you and I have to say chances are he'll go through a few flaky / spotty periods before it all settles down. I remember it seems to last forever but one day, in a few weeks, you'll suddenly realise his spots have gone. Try not to worry, and just be patient, I'm sure it will sort itself out.

Friday, June 1st 2012, 5:19pm

Author: Kitty


Greeny is absolutely right about trusting your instincts. Remember that no-one else will know your baby better than you, and that goes for other mums, HVs, MWs, Docs etc etc. And also remember that it is you who has to live with the consequences of your decisions, 24/7, so if you find that a dummy, or having LO in bed with you at night-time, or whatever, works for you and makes your life easier, then don't worry about what anyone else says. Something is only a problem if it's a problem for you, ...

Monday, March 12th 2012, 10:04pm

Author: Kitty

I'm so tired :(

Oh Grace, I'm so sorry. You sound absolutely at the end of your tether, but the trouble with your situation is you just have to keep on going. Is there anyway you could do some expressing and bus someone trustworthy in to get up to L through the night whilst you go elsewhere to get a good night's sleep? I don't want to sound like I think the only solution is to throw money at the problem, but I know you know what you're doing - honestly you do, don't let exhaustion tell you otherwise! - and you'...

Wednesday, February 8th 2012, 10:24am

Author: Kitty

Is it normal to bleed this long after giving birth?

Like the others have said, if you're worried then mention it to your GP at your 6 week check, or call your mw. However I would reiterate that it's normal to go over 6 weeks, as you've seen from the other posts. I bled for 10 weeks. I started to think something was wrong but I did a search on here (what would we do without FZ!) and found someone who bled for 13 weeks, which made me feel a bit better! Hope it stops soon though, it makes you feel much more normal when it does!

Tuesday, December 20th 2011, 10:17pm

Author: Kitty

Prams - Help!

PS: They are horrendously expensive, but I have to say the Bugaboo Chameleon would be my choice with hindsight. My friends who have them haven't had to buy other pushchairs, whereas I did (a lightweight stroller, that took up a lot less room in the car, when LO was 9 months old and we went on holiday for the 1st time) and other friends have bought two or even more in the hunt for the perfect pushchair! I see them around about in our town with toddlers in them so they really do seem to last for t...

Tuesday, December 20th 2011, 10:14pm

Author: Kitty

Prams - Help!

It is really hard, Devchick - I sympathise! I didn't get the right pushchair, though I stuck with it. I would say the right one for you very much depends on how you're going to use it so don't just get one someone else recommends - or, at least, not unless you're sure they had the same criteria as you. You really need to think about how you will use it. We knew we would use it a lot, but mainly in our town, on pavements, so we didn't bother with pneumatic tyres etc as these seemed to be more for...

Tuesday, September 27th 2011, 9:35pm

Author: Kitty

Hi I am New!!!

Hi and welcome to You have done fantastically well so far losing so much weight - well done! Do pop into the November cycle buddies thread here where you will meet other ladies going through treatment at exactly the same time as you. You will find them a great support - there is nothing like sharing your experiences with people who are going through the same thing at the same time. Good luck!

Tuesday, September 20th 2011, 2:16pm

Author: Kitty


Welcome to FZ, Francine, and good luck on your ttc journey. It's a long road, I'm afraid, and always a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but you have come to the right place to find lots of advice and information - and support too! x

Monday, September 19th 2011, 8:54pm

Author: Kitty

Just joined

Welcome to FZ!