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Sunday, February 7th 2016, 11:06pm

Author: Erin83

Thinking of doing a FET cycle after Christmas but very Nervous

Hi Ladies we were thinking about end of march april time will keep you all posted been a little stressful here at the minute as my husband was made redundant a couple of weeks back so bless him he's frantically trying to find another job. It would be lovely to keep in touch with you all.

Wednesday, December 23rd 2015, 9:51pm

Author: Erin83

Thinking of doing a FET cycle after Christmas but very Nervous

thank you ladies I want to give it every chance really the clinic told me to start off with un-medicated and then if things didn't look like they were progressing the way they want then they could take over with medication i am so glad to hear from people it has worked with it fills me with a little more hope. I was hoping that maybe we would be one of the lucky ones and just fall naturally but alas it doesnt seem to be but then I have totally lost my libido since having little one it bothers me...

Thursday, December 17th 2015, 12:27am

Author: Erin83

Thinking of doing a FET cycle after Christmas but very Nervous

Hi all I am planning on going through a FET cycle after Christmas but am very nervous our clinic suggested an un medicated round as there isn't much difference in the success rates. I am really worried as my friend went through a FET cycle had a positive pregnancy test and unfortunately miscarried at 6 weeks this was her only frozen Embryo so she is heartbroken. we are lucky enough to have 3 frozen but due to my friend miscarrying I do worry that this may happen to me. are there any ladies out t...

Thursday, December 17th 2015, 12:07am

Author: Erin83

Help. Bleeding after positive pregnancy test following FET

just stumbled across your post hope you are ok xx

Wednesday, November 5th 2014, 11:20am

Author: Erin83

Daily mail article re risks of ivf

I have a happy and healthy ICSI baby here too my Friend who gave birth the day before me who I met when I was on the ward had ICSI the same time as us in the same fertility unit and had her embryo transfer the day after us by the same guy lol what are the chances of bumping into someone like that in the hospital lol she had a little boy and he is happy and healthy too no problems. I do remember when signing the consent forms they do mention the higher risk of abnormalities with IVF I think its i...

Wednesday, October 29th 2014, 1:55pm

Author: Erin83

5W5D scan 2 sacs, 2 yolk sacs, no babies

that's wonderful news keeping my fingers crossed all goes well for you xxx

Wednesday, August 13th 2014, 10:22am

Author: Erin83

Pregnancy and Work!

Firstly congratulations xxx Legally you are aloud to finish work at 28 weeks secondly do you have an occupational health person at your work place? they will be able to help you and suggest to your manager to reduce or ease up on your work you really shouldn't be missing lunch breaks, breaks are really important especially as you are carrying twins hope you can get it sorted xxx

Sunday, March 30th 2014, 6:09pm

Author: Erin83

Just found out we are expecting twins :-D

congratulations that really is wonderful news I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed you have a happy and healthy Pregnancy congratulations xxxxxxx

Monday, February 24th 2014, 9:37am

Author: Erin83

ICSI attempt 1

Welcome to FZ I like you had to wait a while too DH and I had been TTC for 10 years and nothing we were put down as unexplained and went through our first ICSI over Christmas and like you we got our first BFP and I am now almost 9 weeks tomorrow its all very exciting congratulations relax and just enjoy the time xxxx look forward to hearing how you get on xxx

Friday, February 14th 2014, 10:43am

Author: Erin83

Oxford Fertility unit and swindon

Hi Rahi all i had was 3 days of feeling really negative during my 2ww then all I had were really sore (.)(.) a few days before I tested I went off tea other than that I didn't have any other symptoms we went through IVF during December 2013 too we had ET on the 12 Jan. I shouldn't worry too much just go with the flow keeping my fingers crossed for you sending baby dust your way xxx

Friday, January 17th 2014, 10:08pm

Author: Erin83

Another newbie

welcome to FZ and try and chill out if you can but it's easier said than done lol

Thursday, January 16th 2014, 10:42pm

Author: Erin83

im new here :) ttc #1

Hi Zoe and welcome to the forum its really helpful here I am in wiltshire about an hour and a half to 2 hours away we have been having treatment in Oxford xx

Sunday, January 12th 2014, 5:56pm

Author: Erin83

Anyone NHS funding in Oxford?

Hi I know this is an old posting but if it is any help we have just gone through ICSI in Oxford fertility unit and we are NHS funded they were absolutely wonderful they looked after us so well and I can't praise them enough we are currently on our 2ww. good luck with your cycle when do you start or have you started? xxx

Wednesday, January 8th 2014, 8:47pm

Author: Erin83

New new new. Story to date

welcome to FZ and congratulations on your little Embie fingers crossed you get a positive xxx

Sunday, January 5th 2014, 10:57pm

Author: Erin83

Golden ticket

congratulations on your really good news welcome to FZ once all the appts are out the way it will go so quickly xxxx

Sunday, January 5th 2014, 10:49pm

Author: Erin83

Our ttc journey

oh no sorry to hear about your BFN that's really sad but I would do another test just incase if you are still having sore boobs and if you had a light bleed if it is still a BFN I hope so much that this drug helps xxx

Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 1:02am

Author: Erin83

New after 3 failed iui's and unexplained 2nd infertility - ivf in jan

Hello welcome to the site sounds like you have been through it a bit I'am sure that which ever clinic you are going through will make sure you are put on the right drugs and they do monitor you closely they do encourage people to phone and keep them informed of any changes keep talking to us and you will be ok everyone has been through different experiences on here so I am sure there will be someone who had a similar reaction to you I was on Chlomid for 6 months and I found the 3 months after we...

Monday, December 30th 2013, 1:33pm

Author: Erin83

What to tell my employer

congratulations Wopple xxxx

Monday, December 30th 2013, 1:30pm

Author: Erin83

No baseline scan

Hi clairebear Injections are going well they really don't hurt and quite fun to do knowing what the out come is for fingers crossed they all work lol

Monday, December 30th 2013, 1:27pm

Author: Erin83

Hi - I'm new here & about to start IVF journey in NI

Welcome to the site zoo everyone is really helpful on here you will be well looked after and will make new friends xxx its nice as we are all going through the same thing I am on my first round of IVF with the NHS we are having treatment in Oxford. good luck xxx